Unexpected Love (Seasons of Redemption, Book 3) by Andrea Boeshaar

Book Description:  Nurse Lorenna Fields is drawn to a blind patient searching for his past. But as his memories return, will there be a place for her in his future? Lorenna Fields has always taken her job at Chicago's Mercy Hospital seriously, determined never to become personally involved with her patients. But when a mysterious man with eyes like onyx is admitted after a shipwreck on Lake Michigan, she develops a connection with him that she can’t deny. Slowly her patient regains consciousness, but to Renna’s dismay he has lost both his sight and his memory. Dubbed “Mr. Blackeyes” by her, the two build a strong, trusting friendship as they search for clues to his past. But part of her dreads the day of his recovery, convinced that his memories will take him away from her and his regained sight will reveal a secret about herself that Renna has been trying hard to hide. In Unexpected Love, Andrea Kuhn Boeshaar continues the dramatic saga of the McCabe family that she began in Unwilling Warriorand Uncertain Heart.

My Review:  Lorenna Fields is a nurse who has a blind patient in her ward.  She has determined that she will not become personally involved with any of her patients, ever.  However, as life goes, she is drawn to that one patient with beautiful, onyx colored eyes.  Eyes that have a story to tell.  Eyes that can't tell her what he saw or where he's from.  So, as Lorenna takes care of this mysterious patient she secretly calls her patient "Mr. Blackeyes."  
Lorenna's patient, Mr. Blackeyes, begins to regain consciousness, she begins to realize that there may "that certain spark."  Talking to, encouraging and helping Mr. Blackeyes makes her an initimate part of his everyday life.
Mr. Blackeyes also feels that certain spark but feels that because he can't remember his past maybe there shouldn't be a future until that past comes back.  Lorenna only knows that she has never felt this way before and would like to have a future with him.  She knows that one day Mr. Blackeyes will regain his memory and somewhat dreads that day.  Will he/can he accept her as more than his nurse. Someone to just rely on in his time of need?
Unexpected Love creates that great mystery of love that comes unexpectedly and sears the heart with blind, unbinding passion.  A passion so great it sees beyond the outer surface.
This is a wonderful third book in the Redemption Series.  Andrea writes a wonderful 5 star flowing and moving story that keeps the reader turning the page to find where life will take Lorenna and Mr. Blackeyes.  Whether you've read the first two books in this series or not be assured that this is fine stand alone book in it's own right.  
*I received a free copy of the book from the publisher/publicist, Strang Book Club, for review. I was not required to write a positive review. My comments and thoughts express my own opinions.*

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