Love On A Dime {Ladies of Summerhill}

Love on a Dime (Ladies of Summerhill)Book Description:  In age of elegance and excess, Lilly Westbrook longs for a love both true and eternal.
Newport, Rhode Island, 1899, is a place of shimmering waves, sleek yachts, and ladies of leisure. Of opulent mansions that serve as summer cottages for the rich and famous. Home of railroad magnates and banking tycoons--dashing young men and the women who aspire to marry them.
But it's not the place for lady novelists. Especially not those who pen disreputable dime novels. This poses a problem for Lilly Westbrook, because that's exactly what she does.
No one in Lilly's social set knows she pens fiction under the nom de plume Fannie Cole. Not her family or the wealthy young man about to propose to her. And especially not Jackson Grail, the long-lost beau who just bought her publishing company...and who stirs her heart more than she cares to admit.
But Lilly must put aside her feelings and follow the path that will maintain her family's social stature and provide the financial security that everyone is depending on.
Now Lilly faces a double dilemma. Can she continue to protect her secret identity? And will she have the courage to choose the man who will risk it all just to win her heart?

My Review:  I love a story that I can immediately delve into and read without having to understand every character reference or keep everyone straight.  Love on a Dime is such a read.  A great story about a young girl's dream but not being able to publicly display the talent that comes with said dream.  Lilly seems to have it all but she wants/needs to write.  Writing dime novels is not acceptable in her circle but interestingly enough reading "those" dime novels is acceptable.   Having a double standard isn't the main theme of this book just the underlying theme that I saw.  So, many times we have a talent but can't display it because others deem it unworthy.  Lilly hides her authorship but people speak highly of the author Fannie Cole, Lilly's pen name. A wonderful, interesting read about secrets and romance.  I ,also, loved the play on words in the title, "Love on a Dime"; hence, dime novels and love!  Cara Lynn James presents us with a great 5 star read!  

*I reviewed this book for Thomas Nelson Publishing (BookSneeze)*

To All Who Serve or Have Served . . . THANKS!

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She Walks In Beauty by Siri Mitchell

She Walks in Beauty
Book Description:  For a young society woman seeking a favorable marriage in the late 1890s, so much depends on her social season debut. Clara Carter has been given one goal: secure the affections of the city's most eligible bachelor. Debuting means plenty of work--there are corsets to be fitted, dances to master, manners to perfect. Her training soon pays off, however, as celebrity's spotlight turns Clara into a society-page darling. Yet Clara wonders if this is the life she really wants, especially when she learns her best friend has also set her sights on Franklin De Vries. When a man appears who seems to love her simply for who she is, and gossip backlash turns ugly, Clara realizes it's not just her heart at stake--the future of her family depends on how she plays the game.

My Review:  I've read a "tiny bit"  about the Gilded Age and always wondered why it was called the Gilded Age.  After reading She Walks In Beauty I realized that word gilded fit this age of time perfectly.  One definition of gilded is: "To give an often deceptively attractive or improved appearance to."  Clara, the main heroine, is a true blue, I-want-to-present-myself-as-the-real-me-kind of girl.  But her aunt feels that no one's true beauty will catch the man of the season.  Her aunt "gilds" Clara into becoming the debutante that she thinks will win the heart of Franklin De Vries, the man of the season.  Unbeknownst to Clara's aunt, Clara's best friend's mother is also trying to make her daughter into a "gild" of capturing the best man of the season.  Siri does an excellent job of writing a story about false pretenses and how God wants us to be just who He created us to be. An interesting and fascinating story of The Game, The Prize, The Rules.  If you love historical fiction then you too will enjoy this 5 star read!

*I reviewed this book for Bethany House*


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Connie E.
Winner of Sisterchicks on the Loose!

Heading Home by Renee Riva

Heading Home: A NovelBook Description:  When A.J. returns home to Indian Island, her dog Sailor, and childhood friend Danny, she surprises everyone with her plans . . . but Danny has something else in mind.
For eight years, A.J. Degulio has been itching to get back to her beloved Indian Island. It’s home. But a lot has changed: Sailor moves slower, Danny has grown into a man . . . and A.J. has a promise to keep…but it doesn’t include Danny. When Danny discovers the truth, he’s shocked and hurt. But he won’t stand in the way of what she really wants.
What’s a girl to do? She wants to keep her promise and Danny. But Danny has plans of his own. Can they work it out? It will take compromise and laughter before Danny and A.J. figure out that home is more than a place on the map. It’s a place in the heart.

My Review:  I didn't realize that Heading Home is the last book in a trilogy.  I will be looking up the other two, Saving Sailor and Taking Tuscany, for Heading Home is a grand read.  Heading Home can be read as a stand alone but I want to know more about A. J., Sailor, and Danny.  Wonderful character development in this story made me feel like I know these people.  I wanted, no maybe yearned, to be a part of their quirky, sometimes laugh-out-loud world!  I love dogs and wish I had a pet like Sailor.  I could, also, relate with A. J. in her "travels" to grow in God, as well as, her longing to keep "the promise" but yet keep Danny.  Finding true love, keeping a promise and having an almost-human-pet-companion makes this a better than great read!  I love a book  that leaves me with that good to the last word feeling! This book may be labeled YA (young adult) but I think even the "more mature" reader will enjoy this story!  Need a 5 star read?  Check out Heading Home!  

* I reviewed this book for the B & B Media Group*


I Serve {A Novel of the Black Prince} by Rosanne E. Lortz {Giveaway}

I Serve: A Novel of the Black Prince
Book Description:  
A Tale of Arms, of Death, of Love, and of Honor.

Set against the turbulent backdrop of the Hundred Years' War, I Serve chronicles the story of Sir John Potenhale. A young Englishman of lowly birth, Potenhale wins his way to knighthood on the fields of France. He enters the service of Edward, the Black Prince of Wales, and immerses himself in a stormy world of war, politics, and romantic intrigue.

While campaigning in France, Potenhale develops an interest in Margery, a spirited lady-in-waiting with a close-kept secret. He soon learns that Sir Thomas Holland, a crass and calculating baron, holds the key to unlock Margery's mystery and possesses the power to overturn all of his hopes.

When the Black Death strikes Europe, however, Potenhale realizes that the fiercest enemy does not always appear in human form. Seeing the pestilence as a punishment for the sins of his generation, he questions his calling as a knight and considers entering the cloister. Margery or the monastery? Torn between losing his soul and losing the love of his life, he finds friendship with a French knight who might--just possibly--help him save both.

My Review:  Do you enjoy historical fiction?  Medieval times? Kingdoms, princes, and princess?  Good versus evil? Then you need to read this book, I Serve, A Novel of the Black Prince by Rosanne E. Lortz.  This story takes place in the year of our Lord 1360.  It includes history of the French and English.  Fighting for what is right. And how the Black Death affected so many people during this period of history.  Of course, no story that includes princes and princess is complete without a little romance.  This is not light reading.  Warning! Once you begin this story you'll  have a hard time putting it down.  You'll soon be involved in a young man's quest to find his way in this world, as well as, his longing to fight for the right. Love, honor, trust and faith make this book a great read!  Don't be too sure that you'll guess the ending to this story.  


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WOW! (Warm Oven Wednesdays)

Another WOW!
Makeover Moist Carrot Cake
A friend sent me this recipe and so I made it for Mother's Day.  
Your tongue will slap your mouth happy---an unbelievably  great carrot cake!

  • 16 Servings
  • Prep: 35 min. Bake: 45 min. + cooling


  • 1-1/3 cups sugar
  • 1/2 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 1/2 cup canola oil
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 egg whites
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 2-1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 cups shredded carrots
  • 1 can (8 ounces) unsweetened crushed pineapple, drained
  • 1/2 cup golden raisins
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped walnuts

  • 5 ounces reduced-fat cream cheese (*I used regular)
  • 1 package (3 ounces) cream cheese, softened
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 cups confectioners' sugar
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped walnuts, toasted (I used pecans)


  • In a large bowl, beat the sugars, applesauce, oil, eggs, egg whites and vanilla until well blended. Combine the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, salt and baking soda; gradually beat into sugar mixture until blended. Stir in the carrots, pineapple, raisins and walnuts.
  • Transfer to a 10-in. fluted tube pan coated with cooking spray. Bake at 350° for 45-55 minutes or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. Cool for 10 minutes before removing from pan to wire rack to cool completely.
  • For frosting, in a large bowl, beat cream cheeses and vanilla until fluffy. Beat in confectioners' sugar until smooth. Frost cake. Sprinkle with walnuts. Store in the refrigerator. Yield: 16 servings.


No Greater Love by Dara Viane {GIVEAWAY}

No Greater LoveBook Description:  In the time of Jesus, at the zenith of Ancient Rome s power, Tiberius Marcius, a decorated centurion, stands between two powerful men Drusus, Caesar s lecherous son, and Sejanus, prefect of the Praetorian Guard waging a personal war against each other. Both are determined to possess a beautiful, Hebrew slave named Tamar. Tiberius Marcius owns Tamar and is torn between his growing love for her and his allegiances to Drusus and Sejanus. As both his monstrous masters close in, the decorated soldier decides to risk it all for the slave girl for whom he would die. Soon, the two lovers are fighting for their lives as they are chased by assassins and political enemies in exotic cities across the Roman Empire. In a time of great religious and international upheaval, Tiberius and Tamar are forced to confront their interfaith relationship while trying desperately to survive the battle between the emperor s son and his deadliest foe.

My Review:  This is an incredible book on biblical history.  Even though it's fiction the author did a fantastic job of research.  Tamar, a Hebrew slave, vows to remain loyal to her God and to herself.  Through many twists and turns Tamar and Tiberius journey through a life torn by mistrust, finding love and staying true to the One who created them.  An exciting story from page one as Tamar and Tiberius fight for their lives as assassins and enemies chase them.  Not one to give up Tiberius seeks Tamar's love but he also battles with remaining loyal to those in command over him.  This is a story of pure bliss, excitement and tenderness but yet loyalty and trust are forerunners as two people seek to serve the Lord.  It is a story for those who love biblical fiction.  No Greater Love is a 5 star keeper on my bookshelf!

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Morning Dove (Winds Across the Prairie) By Martha Rogers

Morning for Dove (Winds Across the Prairie)
Book Description:  When Luke Anderson falls in love with Native American Dove Morris, he's unprepared for the prejudice his parents level against her. Luke struggles with his feelings until a wildfire threatens the Morris ranch, and he saves Dove's life. Will his mom and dad ever understand that love transcends boundaries of race and culture?

My Review:  This the first book I have had the pleasure to read by Martha Rogers.  I was quite interested in reading this book because the first year I was out of college I chose to teach for one year at the Navajo reservation in Arizona.  I was a young, inexperienced teacher but I had a love for children and a love for teaching.  To me these sweet children were no different than their caucasian counterparts.  Except most of the children had a great propensity for wonderful artwork.  I loved teaching the Navajo children and was quite surprised when "others" labeled the children or their Navajo parents as "not worth our time" . . . I said all of that to build up to this book.  In this story Martha brings out the prejudices of people and how something in our past can bring out a terrible prejudice that can or will affect the way we treat people.  We can't be prejudiced and pre-judge  people based on skin color or the history of their people.  This read isn't just about prejudices but also about finding and keeping your true love.  Sometimes we must fight for what we believe in.  I found the story of Morning Dove to be a touching, inspiring piece of fiction.  I also enjoyed the intertwining journey of Luke and Dove.  This is a great 5 star historical read!  I look forward to reading her third book, Finding Becky,  in  the Winds across the Prairie series.

*I reviewed this book for Glass Road*

About the Author:  Martha Rogers is a Christian freelance author of both fiction and non-fiction and speaker. Her stories and articles have appeared in a number of compilations and magazines. Her first fiction will be released in 2007. Her experiences as a public school teacher, Sunday school teacher, youth leader, First Place leader, Mom and Grandmother give Martha a unique field of ministry.



Just a Cute Reminder of why Our homes Exist . . . Because We Do!

Rupture by A. Scott Pearson

Book Description:  Well on his way to realizing his dream of becoming a successful surgeon-scientist, Eli Branch seems destined for academic stardom. After years of research, Eli is on the cusp of a groundbreaking discovery that could light the way for the future. But, as Eli will soon learn, today's medicine has a dark side.
While investigating the suspicious death of one of his patients, Eli uncovers an elaborate web of lies spun by his late father, a longtime professor of anatomy at Mid-South Medical College in Memphis. Instead of finding answers, Eli only finds more questions-and more victims, each meeting a sudden, violent end.
Eli joins forensic pathologist Meg Daily to find a common thread among the victims. As they piece together the chilling puzzle, Eli and Meg plunge headfirst into the world of deadly medicine-a world way too close to home.
Trapped in the paradox of ending one life to save another, Eli and Meg find that in this life-or-death race against time, one false step could be fatal.
My Review:  A medical thriller!  Fast, exciting!  In the land of medicine where healing takes place sometimes there is a draw back and not everything works out as it should. . . welcome to the dark side of medicine!  Then to make matters worse, Eli finds that his late father, a well trusted professor, has left a web of deceit in his wake.  Eli and Meg, a forensic pathologist  are determined to bring justice for the patients who are dying.  But the process is tedious and Meg, sometimes, wonders if Eli is deranged.  Eli must race against time and prove that, not only is he sane, but that the ruptures are not "normal."  There are a lot of medical terms but they do not affect the story line.  If you are squeamish or have a weak stomach this is probably not the book for you.  The  one draw back to me in this story was the usage of "bad language." For inappropriate language . . .  I give this read 4 stars.  

Free EBook: I Will Carry You by Angie Smith

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The Cinderella List by Judy Baer (Love Inspired)

The Cinderella List (Love Inspired)Occasionally, I find that I need a short, fun book to just relax with ---- no big words, no deep thought provoking questions.  That's why I enjoy Judy Baer's books.  They're nice, fast reads that usually poke fun in a sweet, kind way at the heroine for being way to serious about life.  So, when I picked a copy of the Cinderella List I was enchanted with Marlo, Jenny, her sister, and of course, Jake.  It's a sweet story about helping others, catering, and best of all, ROMANCE!  I think that's why it's called Love Inspired.  Marlo, like many of us, struggles with who she is in God.  Jake, being the wonderful hero, helps Marlo find her way.  Of course, Marlo doesn't realize what a prize she is and just keeps being her sweet self.  I did learn more about how horses can help children with disabilities while reading this book.  Just because a book is fiction, don't discount the fact that you won't learn something new!  It's a sweet read!  A definite 4 stars!

The Cinderella List (Love Inspired) can be bought at Amazon!



Large Format Printers is giving one of my readers a wonderful 16 x 20 Canvas Print (you pick your favorite photo).  I bought one of these for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day.  I had a picture of her, papa and all the grandchildren on the canvas.  It came out great!  She loved it!  Probably the best present I've given yet! 

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Photo Canvas Printing makes a wonderful gift!

Preparing Your Daughter for Every Woman's Battle by Shannon Ethridge {GIVEAWAY}

Preparing Your Daughter for Every Woman's Battle: Creative Conversations About Sexual and Emotional Integrity (The Every Man Series)Book Description:  Girls are bombarded with messages about sex–from friends, advertisers, media icons, and more. All of this input–along with the whirlwind of emotions that accompany puberty–can leave them confused, filled with unasked questions about boys, dating, sex, and their own value. 

Now is the perfect time for creative conversations about sexuality with your daughter. By introducing key principles and truths during these teachable years, you can lay a foundation that will help her withstand the inevitable pressures young women face. And you’ll create a lasting bond, establishing yourself as a trustworthy authority who is willing to help her address the sensitive issues in her life.

Recognizing how awkward it can be to confront the topic of sex, author Shannon Ethridge guides you and your daughter through enjoyable yet memorable discussions about sexuality, purity, and dating–leading to a deeper understanding of and appreciation for God’s standards. Preparing Your Daughter for Every Woman’s Battle provides creative tools that will give you the confidence to talk openly and honestly with your daughter–and encourage a lifetime of sexual and emotional integrity.

My Review: A wonderful book for today's generation.  A great book for mothers and daughters to read and study together.  Not only a great read but an informative guide to help girls set boundaries and preserve the "best" gift that God has given us - - - our purity.  In today's society virtue is not seen as an asset but our loving God created us to be pure and to wait for marriage until we give ourselves in true love.  Unfortunately, our children, girls included know more about petting, kissing and engaging in a much too close relationship with the opposite sex.  Sometimes, we as parents simply see our children as those cute, little babies who were not-so- long-ago toddling around our living rooms but the truth is our children are growing and becoming curious (this is a natural curiosity) and if we, parents, are wise, we'll talk with our daughters (and sons) before they are caught up in the peer pressure of giving in to curiosity.   This book gives great insights and helps for discussing sexual topics with your daughter.  Don't wait to read this book with your tween-high school daughter!  A must read with a 5 star rating!

*I reviewed this book for Reader's*

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SING, A Novel of Colorado by Lisa T. Bergren

An Interview with Lisa Bergren

Q. This is mainly Moira’s book, but you also focused on Odessa’s growth and relationship in this novel. Why’d you think that was important?

A. Moira seems to steal every scene she’s in (Nic too!). But I wanted to show how Odessa, now physically healthy, still has some emotional growth ahead of her—like we all do. We’re all continually evolving, learning, changing.

Q. Is that why you were so tough on these characters in this book?

A. I think it’s easy to be a Christian when things are good. You show what your faith is made of—and possibly discover new depths—when you encounter the bad. Or you walk away. I was glad to see these three getting closer to God, but Nic obviously has a ways to go.

Q. You talk about the characters as if they have minds of their own.

A. [Laughing.] They do! That’s the fun of fiction. I have one idea, but then a certain spin occurs and casts them in a different direction, and I discover new things with them as if I’m riding along, observing. I always start with a rough outline, knowing some key things that will happen, and the ending I’d like to see, but I leave it to the characters to take it from there. When I’m invested in the scene, feeling it as if I’m in their skin, sensing their emotions and mind-set, the plot often turns.

Q. Why the title?

A. We often sing contemporary songs at church that make me think—phrases like “I will sing in the troubled times” and “praise You in the storm”—a pretty big challenge for most people. But learning how to do that makes the good, easy times even sweeter, and the rough times somehow bearable. It’s so important that we all find that deep assurance that God is with us, regardless of what is happening in our lives, good or bad. And when we do, the only proper response is to sing praises in His name. There’s a reason that heaven will be full of singing. They already understand what we’re still trying to get, down here.

Q. We’re in 1880s Colorado. It surprised me when we got to the conquistador gold—what inspired that?

A. The third novel I ever wrote was a romance called Treasure, in which the heroine was seeking Spanish gold as a nautical archaeologist. I think if I’d had half the chance, I would’ve loved the opportunity to be a treasure hunter myself. Indiana Jones and all that, you know. Childhood fantasies. So I always note treasure-ish things I come across, and I read about an actual legend of lost conquistador explorers, who left behind a bounty of gold when they got separated from the rest of their troops in the Sangre de Cristos. Reportedly, two lost hikers came across the cave in a snowstorm twenty years ago, marked it when the storm ended, intending to come back, but could never find it again. They spent years of weekends searching for that cave. Isn’t that fantastic novel fodder? Love stuff like that.

Q. What can we expect in Claim, the third book in this series?

A. Resolution is always nice, though I don’t like things tied up in perfect little bows. Life isn’t like that. But I’m striving to leave my readers satisfied and hopeful, right along with the St. Clairs. I think love is the key for all three. That’s all I’m telling ya. You’ll have to read the big conclusion for yourself.
Sing: A Novel of Colorado (The Homeward Trilogy)

My Review:   Don't you just love to read a "fun fiction" book and realize that you're actually learning?  In the story of SING, the three St. Claire siblings are each in a different part of the world.  Each has an adventure but circumstances cause the three to all seek the shelter of the ranch in Colorado.  As the old saying goes, "There's no place like home."  And that is exactly where each  sibling feels he needs to be.  Feeling desperate but not without hope all three seeks a way to return to Colorado.  The journey of Moira, as well as, Nic (Dominic) is a well plotted story.  Adventure, cunning, and hope bring a fresh feel that as a christian we can SING in the midst of our trials!  Truly an enjoyable read!  Learning about Colorado and traveling to Paris and Brazil was an added bonus!  This is a five star read for my book case!  Anticipating the next novel, CLAIM, due out June 1!

*I reviewed this book for the B & B Media Group Inc. *

WOW! (Warm Oven Wednesdays)--Great way to get your kids to eat veggies!

WOW!  Warm Oven Wednesdays!
Deceptively Delicious Meatloaf a great Saturday or Sunday dish!

This is a perfect place to use a food processor to save time. Finely chopped raw carrot will work as well as puree.

Servings: Serves 8

Italian Meatloaf (with Carrot)
  • Nonstick cooking spray
  • 1 cup Italian-style breadcrumbs (seasoned)
  • 1/2 cup nonfat skim milk
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1/2 onion, finely chopped
  • 2 stalks celery, finely chopped
  • 1 pound lean ground turkey
  • 1/2 cup grated Parmesan
  • 1/2 cup carrot puree
  • 1/4 cup ketchup
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 cup bottled tomato sauce
  • 4 slices turkey bacon

Preheat the oven to 350°. Coat a 9" x 5" loaf pan with cooking spray.

In a large bowl, soak the breadcrumbs in milk.

Coat a large nonstick skillet with cooking spray and set it over medium-high heat. When the skillet is hot, add the oil. Add the onion and cook, stirring occasionally, 7 to 10 minutes. Add the celery and cook 3 to 4 minutes longer. Scrape the mixture into the bowl with the breadcrumbs. Add the turkey, Parmesan, carrot puree, ketchup, salt and pepper, and stir to combine.

Turn the mixture into the loaf pan and smooth the top. Spread tomato sauce over the meatloaf and lay the strips of bacon on top. Bake until the center of the meatloaf is no longer pink and the bacon begins to brown, 45 to 50 minutes. Cut into slices and serve.

*From Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld

The Summer Secret

A Summer Secret (The Mysteries of Middlefield Series)
Book Description:  With a twin brother and five younger brothers, Mary Beth Mullet's house is in constant chaos. Her parents don't seem to mind the noise, but she needs a break from all the pestering and babysitting.
It's the summer before eighth grade, and Mary Beth plans to escape to her secret place as much as possible. The old barn in the neighboring field is dangerous, and her parents have forbidden her to go there, but she escapes to it as often as she can.
Mary Beth soon discovers she is not alone in the barn. Someone is living there; someone who needs help. Can Mary Beth help the stranger without losing her secret place? And what if the barn is as dangerous as her parents say it is?

My Review: This is the first book that I have read by Kathleen Fuller.  I love children's books but haven't read juvenile fiction simply because I teach younger children.  I chose this book because of the mystery and the cover was very appealing.  This is one of the best and well written books that I have read.  Mary Beth is a thirteen year old Amish girl with three energetic brothers.  Being a young teenager with growing pains is part of Mary Beth's story.  Mary Beth has a sweet, loving spirit and wants to be obedient to her parents but she also wants to help a runaway boy find his way which sometimes goes against her parents rules. An excellent book on obeying because our parents know what is best for us.  This was an exciting story that has twists and turns and learning about the Amish way of life.  An excellent book for tweens, teens and adults, too!  A definite 5 star read!  Looking forward to Book 2 in the Middlefield Series, The Secrets Beneath.  Coming this fall!

*I reviewed this book for Thomas Nelson Publishing (BookSneeze)*

About the Author:  I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas, and now make my home in beautiful Geneva, Ohio. I've been married to James for 15 wonderful years (really, they have been wonderful!) We have three terrific children, three dogs, and an overwhelmed cat. We have also raised cattle, pigs, and chickens at various times over the years. We would have gone into the goat business, but I had to draw the line somewhere. I started writing in 2000, and published my first short story a year later. Since then I have authored several short stories, novellas, novels, and have done a lot of freelance non-fiction work. I have also worked as an editor. I have a Masters degree in Special Education, emphasis on teaching the blind and visually impaired, and a Bachelors in Early Childhood/Elementary Education. I have taught all age groups ranging from age 4 to age 18. A few of my favorite things: my relationship with Christ, chocolate (of course!), autumn, a satisfying book, good friends, a sense of humor, people who don't take themselves seriously, haunting melodies, NFL football, and did I mention chocolate?