No Greater Love by Dara Viane {GIVEAWAY}

No Greater LoveBook Description:  In the time of Jesus, at the zenith of Ancient Rome s power, Tiberius Marcius, a decorated centurion, stands between two powerful men Drusus, Caesar s lecherous son, and Sejanus, prefect of the Praetorian Guard waging a personal war against each other. Both are determined to possess a beautiful, Hebrew slave named Tamar. Tiberius Marcius owns Tamar and is torn between his growing love for her and his allegiances to Drusus and Sejanus. As both his monstrous masters close in, the decorated soldier decides to risk it all for the slave girl for whom he would die. Soon, the two lovers are fighting for their lives as they are chased by assassins and political enemies in exotic cities across the Roman Empire. In a time of great religious and international upheaval, Tiberius and Tamar are forced to confront their interfaith relationship while trying desperately to survive the battle between the emperor s son and his deadliest foe.

My Review:  This is an incredible book on biblical history.  Even though it's fiction the author did a fantastic job of research.  Tamar, a Hebrew slave, vows to remain loyal to her God and to herself.  Through many twists and turns Tamar and Tiberius journey through a life torn by mistrust, finding love and staying true to the One who created them.  An exciting story from page one as Tamar and Tiberius fight for their lives as assassins and enemies chase them.  Not one to give up Tiberius seeks Tamar's love but he also battles with remaining loyal to those in command over him.  This is a story of pure bliss, excitement and tenderness but yet loyalty and trust are forerunners as two people seek to serve the Lord.  It is a story for those who love biblical fiction.  No Greater Love is a 5 star keeper on my bookshelf!

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