Tales of Wordishure by Mick McArt

Tales of Wordishure: A Book Of Christian Bedtime StoriesBook Description:  What is Wordishure?

It is a collection of seven children's stories in one book. The first six chronicle the adventures and lessons of the various inhabitants of Wordishure. Story number seven brings all the characters of the first six together for one grand adventure.

These stories are written for children of all ages and can be enjoyed by parent and child alike. Each adventure includes Biblical lessons that will inspire the reader and also start a dialogue between parent and child about God and personal accountability. Children tend to have a natural love for Jesus Christ, but sometimes they grow away from Him as they get older because they never truly got to know him. Some just seem to love Him because they sit in church every Sunday and they see that their parents are pleased when they say they love Him. Children need to get to know Jesus at a level they can understand, and that their decision to follow Him requires a willingness to change their heart and behavior.

I have written the Tales of Wordishure because I have seen very few pieces of Christian literature that are written in the style of children's classics such as "The Ugly Duckling," "Little Red Riding Hood," "Hansel and Gretel," or "The 3 Little Pigs." The Lord used parables to help people understand the mysteries of God. Tales of Wordishure does the same thing, but at a level that children can understand and have fun with at the same time.

There is no magic in Wordishure. Today's popular children's literature emphasizes the use of witchcraft, numbing the child at an early age to think that it is okay. Wordishure is an alternative. There are fantastic situations in the stories, but all are resolved through prayer, proper decisions by the characters, and trust in the Lord. Children need to know at an early age not to put their trust in secular fantasies, but to trust in sound Biblical doctrine.

Where is Wordishure?

It is an imaginary realm where modern technology does not exist. It is a world seen from a child's point of view.

Are there adults in these stories?

There are parents in all the stories, and although never named, they are seen as wise and to be obeyed.

Are there wicked villains in Wordishure?

There are no true villains or fear of death in Wordishure, only the misunderstood, or creatures that have lost their way from following God's word.

What is the age range for the reader?

Children of all ages call enjoy The Tales of Wordishure. The characters in the stories fire up the imagination of the smallest child, while word play and Christian principles hold the attention of the older kids and adults.

Why is there a scripture verse at the beginning of each story?

Each story is built around a Bible principle that the child should learn as the story progresses. Some stories have more than one Biblical lesson, though!

My Review:  Children love stories were they can fantasize about being a princess or a knight. This is a great knights and princesses type book with a godly emphasis.  In the land of Wordishure children learn to trust God. There are no evil dragons, no "Henry Potter like references" just clean wholesome living where a kid can be a kid.  Each chapter is headed with a scripture that gives the reader a clue as to what the story will be about.  Children learn to work together. Also, learning about the grace and goodness of God's love.  The short parable like stories are interesting with cute black and white hand drawn illustrations dispersed throughout the book.  I also like the play on words that the author used for the title --- God's Word is sure--Wordishure!  Are you tired of witches, fighting, and plain evil stories?  Want a godly lesson with an interesting story line?  Then this is the book for you and your child.  This is also a nice gift book.  This 5 star read will stay on our bookcase for many reads to come!
*I reviewed this book for Reader's Favorites.com*

About the Author: Mick McArt was raised in Tawas, Michigan and was a young man when he gave his heart to the Lord. After high school he became an assembler in an automotive plant. Inspired to pursue more, he applied for college at 22 years old. He delivered pizza to help pay his way through college. After graduating, he started a professional career in multimedia design at a large manufacturing facility, where he is currently employed.
Mick sees his imagination as a gift from God and hopes to use it to be a blessing to others. With encouragement from his wife, pastor, and friends, Mick began work on "Tales of Wordishure". He currently attends Faith Baptist Church, in Saginaw, Michigan. There he met and married his wife Erica. They currently live in Saginaw with their newborn son Micah.
Mick earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Central Michigan University and a Masters degree from Saginaw Valley State University. Mick spends his spare time being creative and working on many projects. This book is the fruit of that God-given talent.

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  1. I am just starting to buy books for our church library...I am in charge of the children's books. If we don't have this series, I will make sure we do in the future!