No Stone Unturned by Jeanette Fratto

No Stone Unturned
My Review:  Linda, the main character, is jobless and ready for a new horizon.  She accepts a book editing job in California where she ends up renting a room from a sweet older lady because the price is right.  On the plane trip to California she meets a beautiful lady, Carol, who works for the state of California in Probation.  Linda and Carol become fast friends and decide to  spend a girl's day together before Linda begins her new job.  The next day Linda begins her new job and also finds out that Carol is a fatal car accident.  Linda is surprised when Carol's brother shows up on her doorstep with emphatic claims that Carol was murdered by someone in the court system! Linda also reconnects with an old flame, David, who is a tremendous help to her. Thus begins  Linda's new journey to find out what really happened to Carol and why.  This is also a sweet romance. I truly enjoyed this mystery/suspense book.  This book is not labeled Christian fiction; however, I found no "bad words" or objectionable behavior.  This was a wonderful, suspense filled story with a generous dash of romance! WOW!  What a read!  This would be definite 5 star keeper! 

About the Author:  Jeanette A. Fratto is a southern California resident and a graduate of California State University, Fullerton, with a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Social Science. Her 26-year career with the Orange County, California Probation Department made her realize that few people outside the field knew of the important and unique role Probation plays in the criminal justice system. An idea was formed and NO STONE UNTURNED is the result. Told through the experiences of probation officer Linda Davenport, NO STONE UNTURNED blends an engrossing story line with the inner workings of Probation, a fascinating branch of law enforcement rarely explored by other writers. Part mystery, part romance, the reader will be both entertained and educated. The author's intimate knowledge of Probation ensures that the reader will get a true glimpse into this world and will keep turning pages until the stunning ending. Jeanette is considering a sequel to NO STONE UNTURNED because Linda still has many adventures left! When not writing, or volunteering with adult literacy, Jeanette enjoys traveling to almost anywhere with her husband, Bernard.

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