Rupture by A. Scott Pearson

Book Description:  Well on his way to realizing his dream of becoming a successful surgeon-scientist, Eli Branch seems destined for academic stardom. After years of research, Eli is on the cusp of a groundbreaking discovery that could light the way for the future. But, as Eli will soon learn, today's medicine has a dark side.
While investigating the suspicious death of one of his patients, Eli uncovers an elaborate web of lies spun by his late father, a longtime professor of anatomy at Mid-South Medical College in Memphis. Instead of finding answers, Eli only finds more questions-and more victims, each meeting a sudden, violent end.
Eli joins forensic pathologist Meg Daily to find a common thread among the victims. As they piece together the chilling puzzle, Eli and Meg plunge headfirst into the world of deadly medicine-a world way too close to home.
Trapped in the paradox of ending one life to save another, Eli and Meg find that in this life-or-death race against time, one false step could be fatal.
My Review:  A medical thriller!  Fast, exciting!  In the land of medicine where healing takes place sometimes there is a draw back and not everything works out as it should. . . welcome to the dark side of medicine!  Then to make matters worse, Eli finds that his late father, a well trusted professor, has left a web of deceit in his wake.  Eli and Meg, a forensic pathologist  are determined to bring justice for the patients who are dying.  But the process is tedious and Meg, sometimes, wonders if Eli is deranged.  Eli must race against time and prove that, not only is he sane, but that the ruptures are not "normal."  There are a lot of medical terms but they do not affect the story line.  If you are squeamish or have a weak stomach this is probably not the book for you.  The  one draw back to me in this story was the usage of "bad language." For inappropriate language . . .  I give this read 4 stars.  

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