Chunky Bling---CUTE, CUTE!

A friend sent me an email to this great site called They have unique interchangeable beaded watches.  Those cute watches that have the sweet colorful bead look. They also have a great selection of other chunky jewelry like bracelets, rings, and interchangeable charm necklaces.  If you're looking for a sweet deal and lovely, unique jewelry then go to  Or, if you're low on cash you can host an online jewelry party with some friends and earn FREE jewelry.  They'll even set the site up for you--how sweet is that!  If you're like me and this is a new site for you then check it out and email a friend. I love their Swarovski blue pearl ring and most of their bracelets. :)  These would make great Easter gifts or accessories for your new spring outfit.  Click here to visit their store.

Christian Book Giveaways

Here is a WONDERFUL blog site for you to check out.  It's not a "regular" blog site; instead, it's a site that shows you where all the book giveaways are taking place.  It's a great resource and fun too.

                                                     Christian Book Giveaways  
                                                     (click on the words :)

Have fun checking out free books and may you win!


Leaves of Hope

Catherine Palmer is one of my favorite authors.  I have  read her books for several years now.  I enjoy the action, adventure and animations she presents in her books.  Leaves of Hope is another great adventure about a young adult woman, Beth Lowell.  Beth was raised in Tyler, Texas (off to a great start already:).  The book has a lot of East Texas in it including the Tyler Rose Gardens and Tyler Junior College.  But off to reading on, Beth finds a secret in her mother's closet and goes on an adventure seeking truth from the past.  There is also a lot of scripture incorporated in this story....great thinking material.  This story is mainly about mistakes, redemption and finding God's truth.  A wonderful read!  


the clouds roll away By Sibella Giorello

Sometimes a book can take you by surprise, such is the case, of the clouds rolled away.  I enjoy a good mystery but rarely read a thriller.  But Giorello's riveting tale of suspense is not only a great read but has many twists and turns, keeps the reader guessing and thinking.  I enjoyed the plot, as well as, the characters. This is a well written, well thought out story line.  Raleigh Harmon, the main character, has some of the same issues in her life that we face---a boss who is trying to prove herself, a boyfriend who seems fickle and then "that complicated" mother-daugher relationship.  I got caught up in the Raleigh's life but was also on the edge of my seat with the suspense of trying to solve the case.  I somehow missed her first book, The Stones Cry Out, but I will be on the look out for her book, the rivers run dry, which is due out this fall. Even though  I didn't read the first book I feel that the books can be read out of order.   This book is written in the same vein of suspense as Robert Whitlow's books.  An excellent read of suspense and leaning on the One who loves us most!
  **This book was provided by Thomas Nelson Publishing (Book Sneeze)**


Swinging On A Star

Swinging On A Star is chick lit at it's best!  I read Where Fools Rush In (the first book in the series) and absolutely loved the book.  I couldn't wait for the second book to come out.  Where Fools Rush In had more excitement and that yummy, can't wait to read the next page.  Swinging On A Star is a good read but lacks that initial excitement that tends to capture a reader....until the reader is about three quarters of the way through the book then the excitement begins.  Building on the relationship of Bella and her boyfriend, D. J., Ms. Thompson brings the second book Swinging On A Star to a satisfactory conclusion...BUT with a hint of a book 3....Surely there's to be another wedding?   I love the what one of the sisters says at the end...."Travel with your sisters in Christ.  Where two or more are gathered . . . there's bound to be a party!"  You can read one book without the other but it's better and sweeter to read both.


Tuesday's Tea With Tammy

(This picture seemed to capture this week's lesson.)   

Last week's questions:                            
1.  Through what questions did God Dialogue with Hagar (Gen. 16:8-14)? God is asking Hagar where she is going and then telling her to submit to the authority over her. 
2.  According to Genesis 17:2, what had the Lord come to Abram to do? establish His covenant
3.  What blessings were specifically spoken over Sarah in Genesis 17:15-16? that she would be blessed and a mother of nations
4.  What very specific prophecy did Sarah overhear in Genesis 18:10?that she would have a son
5.  How does Ephesians 4:18-19 partially explain the condition of Sodom? the people o longer had understanding, they were ignorant of the things of God, hardened their hearts, became callous, came themselves over to impurity

I enjoyed reading the comments/answers that were left last week.  I can see that y'all are thinking and studying God's Word.
I answer the questions from the Bible study but that doesn't mean there's a "right answer" always.  Sometimes you may "see" in the Scripture that I missed or just saw differently.  That's why this Bible study is so nice.  We can study together and help each other.

I like what Beth Moore says on Day 1 of week 2:  "We are not an afterthought to God.  We are the point of His involvement with this planet.  He does not just tolerate us.  He pursues us.  Indeed, He seeks us though we are never out of sight.  'Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!'" (Rom. 11:33).

Words from the study (From p. 36): Most men don't have an affinity for hearing other people's problems, but women often thrive on it.  Why?  Partly because we enjoy telling people what to do with their lives.  It's in our wiring. :)  Clearly Sarai got her wires crossed.  I can remember trying to manipulate certain relationships and interests for my husband and children, or myself.  Although such manipulations got off to a promising start they never "kept."  I tried to "help" bring about that which never lasted.
How about you?  Have you ever manipulated something that you didn't get to keep?
Carefully study the dialogue between Sarai and Abram.  Does either of them ever call Hagar by name?  How do they refer to her?
Hagar gave God the name El Roi...The God who Sees.  The divinely initiated encounter between God and Hagar began with these words:  "The angel of the LORD found Hagar near a spring in the desert."  He sees when no one else cares to look.  He sees through the smile when we're dying on the inside.  He sees when we're mistreated.  He sees...He sees beyond our sin and into the depth of our need.  Sometimes we don't realize we've encountered God until our vision clears.  Maybe that's what seeing His back means.  He is the God who sees you.  
In the next section The Covenant of Circumcision Beth makes the point that before circumcision, Abraham was unable to produce anything by human planning and manipulation.  After circumcision, Abraham experienced the divine miracle.  The New Testament emphasizes  a circumcision of the heart (See Rom. 4:9-12); Gal. 2:15-21).  Can you see the parallels in our lives?
You and I may need to "put off" or even figuratively "cut off" something from our lives so we may bear much fruit.
Read Gen. 17:15-27.  Recall from our previous lesson God's forthright commandment to Abraham and his descendants concerning the covenant sign of circumcision.  How quickly did Abraham obey God according to verse 23? Obedience.  Swift. Sure. We will not escape the role of obedience through our journey with the patriarchs.  Keep it before you.
A question arises in the next lesson:  "Is anything too Hard for the LORD?"
Whether you believe in miracles or not, God did give Sarah a miracle.  She WAS old in every sense of the word and way past the age of bearing children but God revealed His plan and His time for Isaac.  Nothing is too hard for the LORD!  Are you struggling with "something" that you feel is too hard for the LORD?  Trust. Him. God cannot fail!
It was hard to sum up this week's lessons~I left a lot out but I'm hoping you studied and found some "nuggets" of your own.  Please share your "nuggets" from God's Word.
Next week:  (week 3)
1.  Read Genesis 20. You have the first four revelations from God through dreams in the Book of Beginnings.  What was the basic message of the dream?
2.  What does Gen. 18:11 explicity tell you?
3.  According to Gen. 21:8-11, what was the cause of Sarah's drastic change in temperament?
4.  What did Abraham give Abimelech in Gen. 21:28, 30 and shy?
5.  What does Abrahm tell the Hittites he needs?

Next Tuesday Mary will bring the lesson so be sure to drop by with your cup of tea.


Everything I Know I Learned Over Tea

Everything I Know I Learned Over Tea is a beautifully illustrated book with neat "teaisms."  Emilie Barnes gives origins of tea, short stories dealing with tea times and quotes about tea from famous people.  You don't have to like tea to enjoy this book.  If you enjoy comfort books that you can read on any  afternoon to relax, then this is a great book to have.  To be honest I love this book for its illustrations!  The paintings by Susan Rios are pop-out-of the book beautiful.  This is also a great gift book.  By the way, do you enjoy tea?  Hot or cold? And what flavor?  As the Mad Hatter said, "It's always tea-time."


Splash Award

Thank you Molly, for the Splash Award!

I just received this neat, new award from Molly at  
Thank you, Molly!!!

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Thanks again to Molly for this Splash award!!



Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas....

I enjoy reading all of the Love Finds You Series but this has to be one of the best reads yet.  I found this story lighthearted, fun and found myself laughing out loud.  Yes, there is actually a town in Arkansas named Snowball....I know because we went by it and I yelled to husband, "Oh, my goodness, there it is!"  Of course, he didn't have a clue what I meant.  So, he calmly replied,"Yep, Snowball, Arkansas, is on our way (actually somewhat off the main road)  to Branson."  Okay, maybe you needed to be there.  Anyway, this is a great read and if you're having a winter's blue day grab this book from your library, or order it from Ebay or many choices.  Next week I'll be reviewing another great Love Finds You....stay tuned!


A Cute Children's Book with Amazing Illustrations

I adore Mary Engelbreit's artistry.  I bought this book because it was about Valentine's Day and because of the illustrations.  This is a wonderful book with absolutely amazing pictures.  The story is of a little girl but I read it to a class of boys and girls and the boys seemed to enjoy it too.  It has a simple but effective story line.  It also makes a great gift book....gifting books is one of life's simple pleasures.    


Chloe May Daughter of the Dust Bowl

In Loving Memory:

Chloe May was my maternal grandmother's name.  She loved to roam and travel but most of all she loved her family.  She was fiercely independent and with a little gas in her Ford Falcon tank she could travel for miles not necessarily for a purpose but just because she loved being on the road.  
  When she passed away in the early part of February 1997 my mother remembered the stories and notes that my grandmother had left behind.  Being a prolific writer my mother knew that she needed to tell the story of my grandmother's life which just happen to take place during the Dust Bowl.  
Chloe May Daughter of the Dust Bowl is not a biography it is a fiction story based on the life of a real family during the Dust Bowl.
   Little is written on the devastation or on the lives that were affected by the Dust Bowl.  This book gives history and description of the fateful time in our history.
  So, if you're a history buff or just plain love to read fiction....this is a great book for you.  "Chloe May Daughter of the Dust Bowl" can be ordered from  You won't be disappointed in this book but do make sure that you set time aside to read for once you begin you'll want to finish!


Tea With Tammy Every Tuesday

The Patriarchs by Beth Moore

Did you read Genesis 11-14 this past week?  
Did you come up with the answers like me?  

1.  Read Hebrews 11:8, where did Abram think he was going? He didn't know. 
2.  What did the Lord do on behalf of "Abram's wife Sari? (Gen. 12:17) Struck the Pharaoh & his house with great plagues
3.  What kind of division developed between Abram and Lot? (Gen. 13:5-7) Not enough land/water for all their animals/people
4.  What was Abram called in Genesis 14:13?Abram the Hebrew
5.  Who was Melchizedek and what made him unique?  He was a great priest of God

She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her:  "You are the God who sees me," for she said,  "I have now seen the One who sees me. "  (Gen. 16:13)

While reading Genesis 11-14, I discovered...God is merciful and good.  He will lead us to just he right place if we have faith and follow Him.  We should be interested in God's promises to Abraham because  as Galatians 3:8 says, "foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith....All the nations will be blessed because of you."  Also, the God of Glory didn't appear to Sarai.  She had nothing but Abram's word about their radical move.  We, women, are made to be nesters not wanderers...a rare woman wants to be wanderer.  We prefer purses to backpacks, porcelain to styrofoam.   Then to top it off when they reached Canaan a famine hit... historically, famine was an indictment against the land and it's people.  We can be sure the people of God to whom promises are made that we will be tested.  Only Jesus passed the doubt test. 
 Sarai was a beautiful woman and caught the Pharaoh's attention.  Abram said she was his sister...ooops.  But God had mercy on Sarai (and Abram) He sent plagues to the house of Pharaoh.  A pagan ruler had more integrity than a man of God....he questioned Abram and let Sarai  go.  Abram and Lot decided to split up because the land could not benefit both of their households.  

*** I tried to sum up the week in a paragraph.  As we study The Patriarchs I believe that we will find God wants us to learn from their mistakes, as well as, from their faith.  Leave your comments....What did you glean from this first week's passages??

Study these scriptures for next week:
1.  Through what questions did God Dialogue with Hagar (Gen. 16:8-14)?
2.  According to Genesis 17:2, what had the Lord come to Abram to do?
3.  What blessings were specifically spoken over Sarah in Genesis 17:15-16?
4.  What very specific prophecy did Sarah overhear in Genesis 18:10?
5.  How does Ephesians 4:18-19 partially explain the condition of Sodom?

Meet you in the parlor next Tuesday.


A Different Kind of Book Shelf

bookcase tree by shawn soh

I'm running out of bookshelf space but 
I found this bookshelf online and was quite taken with it. 
 I'm going to ask my husband to make it for me.  
What do you think?  



         #3    Molly


Thought this was a funny valentine for today's economy... hope you have a great day with your loved ones.


Thought you might enjoy this....


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"Borrowed" this from another website.


Beguiled {GIVEAWAY}


Back of Book:
Rylee Monroe walks dogs in old-money Charleston, a part of the city recently targeted by a daring thief. Logan Woods works the crime beat for the local paper but dreams of a life as a nonfiction writer. When the string of robberies takes a strange twist, Logan sees the making of a once-in-a-lifetime book that seems to circle around this charming, eye-catching dogwalker. But pursuing the truth means ignoring that he seems to be falling for her. And what is she hiding in her past that could crack the story wide open?

My Thoughts:
I was given this book by a friend and thought it was a fairly good read.  It's a Christian fiction/suspense story about a dog walker.  It kept my interest and the ending was quite a surprise!  If you would like this book leave a comment AND your email address.  I'll be giving it away on Saturday, February 13 for Valentine's Day.


Love Your Heart

I love children's books and this book is no exception. Abigail Marble brought the book to life with her true-to-life illustrations and Tim McGraw & Tom Douglas have written a sweet, loveable story about finding your talent or more importantly finding your true heart. Children will love reading about Katie's escapades, her cute puppy and her unselfishness. This is a great story with a character lesson for children of all ages. This is a beautiful book that will make a great gift for any occasion. As an added bonus Faith Hill has written a few words about the McGraw daughters. I was delighted to receive and review this book for Thomas Nelson Publishing.


Tea With Tammy Every Tuesday

Bible study puts God in the center of our lives. 
Choose God and join us in this online Bible study.

What we'll be studying....Beth Moore's Bible Study~The Patriarchs.  And for the next few weeks I'll be discussing what I'm learning.  I'd like for you to join me and try this virtual Bible Study.  If you decide to join me then please feel free to leave comments, new questions and anything that is pertinent to the Bible Study.   I'm using The Patriarchs workbook, just click on the link to buy the workbook at if you would like to study along with me.  I hope you'll join me each Tuesday for this great Bible study.  (FYI~The Patriarchs work book is also available at Lifeway).  Click in next Tuesday with your cup/glass of tea as we begin the study. 

For next week:  
1.  Read Hebrews 11:8, where did Abram think he was going?

2.  What did the Lord do on behalf of "Abram's wife Sari? (Gen. 12:17)

3.  What kind of division developed between Abram and Lot (Gen. 13:5-7)

4.  What was Abram called in Genesis 14:13?

5.  Who was Melchizedek and what made him unique?

6.  Read Genesis chapters 11-14 and leave your comments.

See you next Tuesday!


Play this vocabulary game and send free rice to Haiti!

I had a lot of fun playing this vocabulary game.  See how much you know and send free rice to Haiti!

Play game, Send FREE rice to Haiti!

So how did you do?  Need to read more books to increase your vocabulary?


UPrinting Winner

The UPrinting winner is #2....Melody.  Thanks UPrinting for this great giveaway!  And thanks to all who entered the giveaway.


"Sisters" in Sisterchicks

Yes, that's my two sisters and me...a beauty full picture, yes?  These two sisters of mine are very different but yet so alike.  I'm the oldest so I tend to "boss and rally" the others.  My Middle Sister is just 3 years younger (our bother...oops, brother is in between us:) and then the added blessing, The Youngest Sister.  The Middle Sister loves and is energized by people.  She is always making a casserole or dish to take to a church member's home.  She is a busy mom of three and works in her husband's office.  The Youngest Sister would give you the coat of her back and support us all in any endeavor we attempt. She is my reading buddy.  She is also an excellent babysitter to all her nieces and nephews!  After reading "Sisterchicks Do the Hula", I realized that my sisters are my Sisterchicks.  We are there for each other and, if we could, we would be in Hawaii now taking the beaches by storm!  I also have a great new Sisterchick who has helped me in this blogging community....Molly at Buuklver81 has helped so much. Thanks to Molly I now have a blog button (see her button on my sidebar).  Sisterchicks Rule!  Do have a  Sisterchick?


Bringing a Book to Life

Last Christmas we took our son and two of his cousins to the live experience of "The Polar Express."  The Rusk, Texas Railroad fixed the train up to look like that one in the Polar Express book.  Of course, we didn't walk on the top of the train but we did wear our jammies, drink hot chocolate and meet Santa.  Our boys really enjoyed the train ride and the telling of the story.  At the end of the train ride each child received a special coin like the coin in the book.  To this day, yes, we read Polar Express all year round, the boys still remember that train ride and the book, "Polar Express" came to life for us.  Have you had a book come to life for you?


Review of Mom's Bible (New Century Version)

PhotobucketI was excited when Thomas Nelson sent me the Mom's Bible to review.  It's a pretty, hard back Bible.  This Bible is written in the NCV (New Century Version).  The NCV reads smoothly, the word usage is in today's language. There are notes throughout the Bible that are insightful and informative.  Each book of the Bible begins with an informative paragraph that explains and gives background details about that book.  If you like notes and background information in your Bible then you will love this Bible.  This is a great Bible for moms but I also think it's a great Bible for new Christians.  The only drawback that I see in this Bible is the small print.  The print can be hard to read as you scroll down a page or are trying to find a particular verse for this reason I give this Bible 4 stars. 


Warm books!

It's the dead of winter and I'm cold!  C-O-L-D!  You know, sitting here typing with those gloves on that have the fingers out, pink fuzzy socks and a flannel shirt I borrowed from my husband's closet.  I'm not into making a fashion statement.  I'm trying to stay warm! Okay maybe I'm spoiled but when the temperature drops below 50 I feel the cold in my bones.  When I get cold I love to read about someplace warm.  A place I've dreamed about often but have never visited-Hawaii.  For some reason I tend to dream about this warm, beach infested land in February.  Today I'm reading "Sisterchicks Do the Hula" and enjoying the warmth of reading.  What is your favorite "warm" book to read in the dead of winter?


A Chance for free books!!

Today,  February 1st,  Tyndale will be introducing a newly designed, more user friendly, and information packed site. 

As a blogger and social media user here are some exciting features that can benefit you:

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