Tuesday's Tea With Tammy

(This picture seemed to capture this week's lesson.)   

Last week's questions:                            
1.  Through what questions did God Dialogue with Hagar (Gen. 16:8-14)? God is asking Hagar where she is going and then telling her to submit to the authority over her. 
2.  According to Genesis 17:2, what had the Lord come to Abram to do? establish His covenant
3.  What blessings were specifically spoken over Sarah in Genesis 17:15-16? that she would be blessed and a mother of nations
4.  What very specific prophecy did Sarah overhear in Genesis 18:10?that she would have a son
5.  How does Ephesians 4:18-19 partially explain the condition of Sodom? the people o longer had understanding, they were ignorant of the things of God, hardened their hearts, became callous, came themselves over to impurity

I enjoyed reading the comments/answers that were left last week.  I can see that y'all are thinking and studying God's Word.
I answer the questions from the Bible study but that doesn't mean there's a "right answer" always.  Sometimes you may "see" in the Scripture that I missed or just saw differently.  That's why this Bible study is so nice.  We can study together and help each other.

I like what Beth Moore says on Day 1 of week 2:  "We are not an afterthought to God.  We are the point of His involvement with this planet.  He does not just tolerate us.  He pursues us.  Indeed, He seeks us though we are never out of sight.  'Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!'" (Rom. 11:33).

Words from the study (From p. 36): Most men don't have an affinity for hearing other people's problems, but women often thrive on it.  Why?  Partly because we enjoy telling people what to do with their lives.  It's in our wiring. :)  Clearly Sarai got her wires crossed.  I can remember trying to manipulate certain relationships and interests for my husband and children, or myself.  Although such manipulations got off to a promising start they never "kept."  I tried to "help" bring about that which never lasted.
How about you?  Have you ever manipulated something that you didn't get to keep?
Carefully study the dialogue between Sarai and Abram.  Does either of them ever call Hagar by name?  How do they refer to her?
Hagar gave God the name El Roi...The God who Sees.  The divinely initiated encounter between God and Hagar began with these words:  "The angel of the LORD found Hagar near a spring in the desert."  He sees when no one else cares to look.  He sees through the smile when we're dying on the inside.  He sees when we're mistreated.  He sees...He sees beyond our sin and into the depth of our need.  Sometimes we don't realize we've encountered God until our vision clears.  Maybe that's what seeing His back means.  He is the God who sees you.  
In the next section The Covenant of Circumcision Beth makes the point that before circumcision, Abraham was unable to produce anything by human planning and manipulation.  After circumcision, Abraham experienced the divine miracle.  The New Testament emphasizes  a circumcision of the heart (See Rom. 4:9-12); Gal. 2:15-21).  Can you see the parallels in our lives?
You and I may need to "put off" or even figuratively "cut off" something from our lives so we may bear much fruit.
Read Gen. 17:15-27.  Recall from our previous lesson God's forthright commandment to Abraham and his descendants concerning the covenant sign of circumcision.  How quickly did Abraham obey God according to verse 23? Obedience.  Swift. Sure. We will not escape the role of obedience through our journey with the patriarchs.  Keep it before you.
A question arises in the next lesson:  "Is anything too Hard for the LORD?"
Whether you believe in miracles or not, God did give Sarah a miracle.  She WAS old in every sense of the word and way past the age of bearing children but God revealed His plan and His time for Isaac.  Nothing is too hard for the LORD!  Are you struggling with "something" that you feel is too hard for the LORD?  Trust. Him. God cannot fail!
It was hard to sum up this week's lessons~I left a lot out but I'm hoping you studied and found some "nuggets" of your own.  Please share your "nuggets" from God's Word.
Next week:  (week 3)
1.  Read Genesis 20. You have the first four revelations from God through dreams in the Book of Beginnings.  What was the basic message of the dream?
2.  What does Gen. 18:11 explicity tell you?
3.  According to Gen. 21:8-11, what was the cause of Sarah's drastic change in temperament?
4.  What did Abraham give Abimelech in Gen. 21:28, 30 and shy?
5.  What does Abrahm tell the Hittites he needs?

Next Tuesday Mary will bring the lesson so be sure to drop by with your cup of tea.


  1. I thought about the questions God asked Hagar in Genesis 16:8 "whence camest thou? and whither wilt thou go?" and applied it to myself. Sometimes I need to remember where I was when God found me. He saw me as he saw Hagar and in a way asked, "Where are you going and is that the direction you want to go in?" I decided at that point I wanted to go in His direction, but now I need to daily answer the question, "Whither wilt thou go?" I can easily go head long into life with out thinking where I may be going. Am I going in the direction God wants me to go, or am I aimlessly wandering with no direction?

    I also was impressed with the fact that God directly spoke to Hagar and even allowed her to give him a name.It shows that God not only speaks to the mature Christian or Spiritual leaders, but to babes in Christ or those that have a simple faith. "Let no man despise thy youth...." I Tim.4:12

    I also was reminded that I can sit in judgement of Lot turning his tents toward Sodom, but what am I little by little allowing to come into my home and confuse my family? Movies? Books? Games? Things that I've said to myself, "They're not so bad." Lot didn't end up in a prominent place in Sodom in one day. It happened little by little.

    As Abraham called himself dust and ashes in Gen.18:27, so are we, only God can make us more.

  2. I really enjoyed reading the Bible Study for this week, Tammy. And, what good, insightful thoughts you have added, Mary!