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Bible study puts God in the center of our lives. 
Choose God and join us in this online Bible study.

What we'll be studying....Beth Moore's Bible Study~The Patriarchs.  And for the next few weeks I'll be discussing what I'm learning.  I'd like for you to join me and try this virtual Bible Study.  If you decide to join me then please feel free to leave comments, new questions and anything that is pertinent to the Bible Study.   I'm using The Patriarchs workbook, just click on the link to buy the workbook at Amazon.com if you would like to study along with me.  I hope you'll join me each Tuesday for this great Bible study.  (FYI~The Patriarchs work book is also available at Lifeway).  Click in next Tuesday with your cup/glass of tea as we begin the study. 

For next week:  
1.  Read Hebrews 11:8, where did Abram think he was going?

2.  What did the Lord do on behalf of "Abram's wife Sari? (Gen. 12:17)

3.  What kind of division developed between Abram and Lot (Gen. 13:5-7)

4.  What was Abram called in Genesis 14:13?

5.  Who was Melchizedek and what made him unique?

6.  Read Genesis chapters 11-14 and leave your comments.

See you next Tuesday!

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