Warm books!

It's the dead of winter and I'm cold!  C-O-L-D!  You know, sitting here typing with those gloves on that have the fingers out, pink fuzzy socks and a flannel shirt I borrowed from my husband's closet.  I'm not into making a fashion statement.  I'm trying to stay warm! Okay maybe I'm spoiled but when the temperature drops below 50 I feel the cold in my bones.  When I get cold I love to read about someplace warm.  A place I've dreamed about often but have never visited-Hawaii.  For some reason I tend to dream about this warm, beach infested land in February.  Today I'm reading "Sisterchicks Do the Hula" and enjoying the warmth of reading.  What is your favorite "warm" book to read in the dead of winter?


  1. I'm like you, I like to be warm and cozy. I hate being cold. (I've never thought about wearing fingerless gloves, good idea.)

    I like reading Robert Whitlows books when I'm bundled in front of the fire. They are suspenseful with out all the worldy trash. When I get into them I can forget it's cold. They also take me to places I haven't been in the eastern states making me want to go there some day the author is so discriptive.

    I especially liked Deeper Waters and The Hope. The Heroine in it has a back ground I can relate too in some ways and sets a good example of a Christian young lady trying to live holy while surrounded by worldliness.

  2. lol - good blog! I, too, like to transport myself into warmer weather, when it's cold outside, by reading. Just about any book set in the Southwest will usually get me there.