Everything I Know I Learned Over Tea

Everything I Know I Learned Over Tea is a beautifully illustrated book with neat "teaisms."  Emilie Barnes gives origins of tea, short stories dealing with tea times and quotes about tea from famous people.  You don't have to like tea to enjoy this book.  If you enjoy comfort books that you can read on any  afternoon to relax, then this is a great book to have.  To be honest I love this book for its illustrations!  The paintings by Susan Rios are pop-out-of the book beautiful.  This is also a great gift book.  By the way, do you enjoy tea?  Hot or cold? And what flavor?  As the Mad Hatter said, "It's always tea-time."


  1. We are both hot and cold tea drinkers in my family. Two of my sons, my daughter by marriage, and I love hot tea. My daughter by marriage works for a company ran by an English woman. The English woman introduce my DBM to PG Tips, England's no. 1 selling tea. She introduced it to us and now that is our main hot tea. I also like Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea. My second born son introduced us to Yogi Tea and my sons like their Egyptian Licorice flavor herbal tea.
    I also like peach teas and orange spice tea.

    I like Olive garden's cold peace tea or rasberry tea. During the summer I use my Mr. Coffee ice tea maker all season long.

    Did I say we like tea?

  2. Seconds on Olive Garden's Peach/Raspberry Tea! Love it.

  3. Bought this book and really enjoyed it. Found a quote in it by C.S.Lewis (one of my sons' favorite authors) so sent it to them in a E-mail. While looking to see what other books the author wrote, came across Christmas Teas of Comfort and Joy. I bought that book for my pastor's wife and gave it to her. She has a mother/daughter Christmas tea for the church women every year in her home so I thought she would like it. She loved it!