"Sisters" in Sisterchicks

Yes, that's my two sisters and me...a beauty full picture, yes?  These two sisters of mine are very different but yet so alike.  I'm the oldest so I tend to "boss and rally" the others.  My Middle Sister is just 3 years younger (our bother...oops, brother is in between us:) and then the added blessing, The Youngest Sister.  The Middle Sister loves and is energized by people.  She is always making a casserole or dish to take to a church member's home.  She is a busy mom of three and works in her husband's office.  The Youngest Sister would give you the coat of her back and support us all in any endeavor we attempt. She is my reading buddy.  She is also an excellent babysitter to all her nieces and nephews!  After reading "Sisterchicks Do the Hula", I realized that my sisters are my Sisterchicks.  We are there for each other and, if we could, we would be in Hawaii now taking the beaches by storm!  I also have a great new Sisterchick who has helped me in this blogging community....Molly at Buuklver81 has helped so much. Thanks to Molly I now have a blog button (see her button on my sidebar).  Sisterchicks Rule!  Do have a  Sisterchick?


  1. My sister's and I can't get together alot because of distances, but do it other ways. I began by writing or calling each of them once a month, but now my youngest sister and I keep up with each other on FB. My middle sister and I get together three times a year. Once to travel and the other two times to stay with her and help with my parents. I write her once a month and call often.

    I enjoy each of them in different ways. MS is energetic, good with people, an organizer, and main care taker of my parents. She's my traveling buddy when my husband is at Boy Scout camp. When she needs to vent or advice, she'll call me.

    YS is homesy. She loves church get togethers, her life on the farm,her family, reads alot, and encourages me.

    Me? I'm the oldest. I always try to help where I can, encourage, and because I'm so far away, pray for them. I have the listening ear. I like writing letters so I send out letters all the time to my sisters and family.

    Hopefully all three of us will be able to get together this year. Sisters Three or Sisterchicks!

  2. Very beautiful indeed. I always wanted to have a sister. I am the only girl and I have two brothers. When I was still a kid I would always asked them to play with me. But there answer is always no. When I saw your picture it made me miss my brothers. Thank you sharing!