The Cinderella List by Judy Baer (Love Inspired)

The Cinderella List (Love Inspired)Occasionally, I find that I need a short, fun book to just relax with ---- no big words, no deep thought provoking questions.  That's why I enjoy Judy Baer's books.  They're nice, fast reads that usually poke fun in a sweet, kind way at the heroine for being way to serious about life.  So, when I picked a copy of the Cinderella List I was enchanted with Marlo, Jenny, her sister, and of course, Jake.  It's a sweet story about helping others, catering, and best of all, ROMANCE!  I think that's why it's called Love Inspired.  Marlo, like many of us, struggles with who she is in God.  Jake, being the wonderful hero, helps Marlo find her way.  Of course, Marlo doesn't realize what a prize she is and just keeps being her sweet self.  I did learn more about how horses can help children with disabilities while reading this book.  Just because a book is fiction, don't discount the fact that you won't learn something new!  It's a sweet read!  A definite 4 stars!

The Cinderella List (Love Inspired) can be bought at Amazon!

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