Second Chance {A Summers Saga Novel} By Karina Harris

 Second Chance

Book Description:  Avalin Summers's life changes forever when she is told her parents may not be dead. In the romantic suspense novel Second Chance, Karina Harris weaves an intriguing tale of hope and uncertainty in the story of Avalin Summers, an art student who is fiercely loyal to her older brothers, Jaden and Quinn. When Jaden requests a family meeting at their childhood farm in Colorado, she doesn't question him. But what she discovers is something she hasn't dared to dream about for the past five years. Special Agent Ian Martin has spent a year investigating the case of part-time FBI operatives John and Rosemary Summers and the suspicious conclusion to their last mission. Recent intelligence hints they may not have died in the European plane crash, but he needs the help of the Summerses' grown children, Jaden, Quinn, and twenty-one-year-old Avalin, to find out. At the family meeting, Ian presents evidence that suggests their parents may have escaped capture and fled to Portugal. The siblings' lives are turned upside down when they learn their parents were working as undercover agents. Hoping they are alive, Quinn and Avalin eagerly join Ian in his search. When they land in Lisbon, they are bombarded with even more uncertainties. Thrown together by circumstances fraught with danger, betrayal, and heartache, Ian and Avalin uncover something special in each other. As events unfold, Ian and Avalin begin to question their beliefs in their government, their families, and even God as they look for someone they can trust. Will they find love on their journey together? Will they discover what happened to the Summerses' parents before it's too late? Find out in Second Chance, a Summers Saga novel.

My Review:  I enjoy a good mystery.  So, I was excited to review the book Second Chance.  The story starts out with momentum and is quite easy to follow.  Avalin, her brothers and a FBI agent are determined to locate her missing parents.  However, the story seems to center around Avalin and the FBI agent's romance more than the suspense of the mystery.  I was hoping that the characters would be more developed as the story continued but, alas, it seems that the romance was more developed than the characters.  The plot is interesting twist but I felt that I was "watching" an old Scarecrow and Mrs. King rerun.  It is a good story but tends to lose momentum in the last three quarters of the book.    I was also disappointed at the use of God's name in the book.  This book is labeled Fiction Christian, Suspense which, to me, means that God's name should not be used as a by word.  Also, the slang phrase "dang it" was used which I felt could have been avoided and replaced with a better adjective.   This language may not offend others but I do think that there are plenty of adjectives and adverbs in the English language which far better describe our feelings than slang and the use of God's holy name.  I did think the author picked a great title for the book.  So, I give it 3 stars- It is technically a good read, but you won't find it on my book shelf.  

*I reviewed this for Reader's*

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