Another GREAT-tastic Christmas Read!!

My Review:  I so enjoy Christmas reads!  To me this is the perfect time of year to read  all the Christmas books before the Christmas season gets too busy and the special time is gone before I've read a  single book!
Donita K. Paul is a brand new author for me.  I chose this book partially because of the cover.  I love the book cover.  It depicts the "specialness" of the season.  The two ball tickets on the front with glowing lights in the background is a beautiful sight, makes one feel that as you open the book you are entering the story.
I was hooked from page one of this book.  The story of Cora and then meeting Simon and his sweet, loving family was like meeting friends.  
Cora has quite a few issues from her childhood but Simon, who also happens to be Cora's boss, has a sweet, kind family.  Simon and Cora have worked in the same office for over five years but neither has met the other until the fateful day they both go shopping for a book at a quaint bookstore on Sage Street.  Both Cora and Simon are secretly given tickets to the Wizard's Ball in their books.  And this is the part of the story that was so real and cute...Simon's loving, Down's Syndrome sister hears Simon telling about the ball and insists that she will attend.  Simon who can't tell her no is caught up in the preparations for the ball . .  .  And this is where the story really begins.
It's a mystery how Simon and Cora meet and then how their paths cross, how they are caught up in the Christmas Ball preparations and best of all the mystery of how it will all work out?
I love the quote on page 224 as Simon tells Cora, "The Christmas spirit is giving what you already have, not going out to find something to buy . . . . The gift is a symbol of respect, love, honor. And that's what you have."
This read has a "tinge of mystic" to it.  Nothing evil or bad.  Just makes one think about the usage of terms we use now.  The Wizard's Ball (maybe a "bad" connotation to some) is simply older gentlemen who give an extravagant ball for those who are less fortunate (wizard is actually someone who is older and wiser).  
I absolutely loved, loved this read!  It was like eating a snicker doodle cookie.  Wonderfully light with a hint of cinnamon.  
This is definitely a fictional, feel good light read that's just right for the holidays!  If you enjoy a 10 star read with a wonderful cast of characters and a truly Christian view of people and our Savior's birth then you'll want to read "Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball."

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  1. thank you so much, Tammy. I loved writing this book and your perspective is right on. This is a fun read. The wizards are no more evil than the good little witches in Disney's Cinderella. I always think of warlock being the male version of witch, but I know a lot of people get a little tight when they see wizards in a Christian book. I also think of A Miracle on 34th Street. I saw that movie as a child and loved the hint that this really was the real Kris Kringle. Obviously, that touch of magic did me no harm. Bless you and have a very, Merry Christmas!