Another Wonderful Read For Christmas!

My Review:  It's Christmas time.  A time to decorate, a time to laugh and a time for family. GRACE by Shelley Shepard Gray is one of those reads that is a must read to begin your Christmas season!
The Brenneman Bed & Breakfast is about to close so the family celebrate the holiday but just as the family is ready to close up and get ready for the holiday a mailed in reservation is late in coming to the bed & breakfast.  This news of an unexpected guest who thinks he has a reservation is not.high.on Katie's list---Katie is upset but as daad tells her we must make the guest welcome.  
The guest seem to be unlikely visitors for a Christmas celebration---Levi seems to have a burr under his saddle and Melody is secretive and very pregnant (her story will bring tears and a loving compassion to your soul).  All of this makes for an intriguing read!
With emotions running high and Katie, who has a secret of her own, this turns out to be a especially if you're a fan of Amish fiction.  The Christmas season also seems to be a time for love and acceptance with a dash or two of forgiveness thrown in.   The Amish seem especially good at giving these two gifts.
Katie seeks to find answers and in doing so also finds that helping/serving others with love and compassion can be the greatest Christmas gift to be given!
I loved the cover of this book and the title is a great clue to what gift we can give this Christmas . . . for isn't that one of the greatest gifts we, also, received from the Father.
I enjoyed this 5 star read!  Once again Shelley has given us a great gift in her story telling.

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