Double Shot by Erynn Magnum

Book Description: Now that Maya Davis is engaged to her longtime friend and sweetheart, Jack, there should be no more worrying about the future, no more questioning God. Everything should be perfect, right? Actually, it’s just the opposite: Things are complicated. Where are they going to live? What kind of wedding do they want?

And when Jack is offered a once-in-a-lifetime job in Seattle, things begin to unravel even more. Can Maya trust that God is in control even when things seem to be a disastrous mess?

My Review:  Double Shot by Erynn Magnum is the third book in the Maya Davis trilogy.
Wonderful, lovable Maya and her caffeine addiction is engaged!  
After her best friend and roommate, Jen, is married and off on her honeymoon Maya feels bereft but knows that she must begin to plan her own wedding.  Not motivated and with no ideas Maya makes no plans.
So, when Jen happily returns from her honeymoon she takes charge and gets Maya going on her wedding plans. This is just what Maya needs....a boost from a helping friend.  This boost is what gets the story going.
Maya and Jack have pre-wedding situations like the rest of the "real" world and rely on God to see them through.  To me this series is so real and refreshing because it brings in fun and the Word of God.  
The caffeine in this series is almost hilarious!  But it's so true to life!  The fun and principles that Maya and Jack have is as refreshing as a grande mocha latte.  
The sub story of Maya's brother and sister-in-law is cute and Maya's parents make this seem like your friends next door.  I truly enjoyed getting to the characters in this series.
This series is labeled YA (young adult) but as a "grown" woman I loved the series.  I would suggest that you read all the books in order....even though you could read each as a stand alone read.
This 5 star read is great-tastic!  And I for one was sad to see the end come.
*I reviewed this book for NavPress.  
My opinions are completely my own and was not paid for writing them*


Book 1

Book 2

      Book 3

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