The Magic Snowflake by Scott Foster

Book DescriptionA Christmas book for children of all ages. The first in a series. It was Christmas Eve, many years ago, when a young boy and his dog first made a wonderful discovery deep in the woods where snow sparkled like the sugar on a Christmas cookie. Little did they know their lives would forever change all because of a wish made on a magic snowflake. Follow Bradley and his dog Finnegan on a whimsical journey of North Pole adventures. Discover secrets like a snowman's favorite treat and how Santa can deliver presents in one night. This beautifully illustrated book is a delight to your senses. It is sure to evoke warm Christmas memories for children of all ages.

My Review:  What a great read to begin the winter and Christmas seasons.  The Magic Snowflake is one of those books that young children ages 5-10 will want to read every Christmas.  This may be the book that actually becomes a Christmas book tradition at your house.
Finnegan (affectionally called Finn) is a very curious little dog.  And his young master, Bradley seems as curious and affectionate as his lovable pup.  
The adventure begins with Bradley chasing after Finn who is trying to catch an elusive rabbit.  As the two stop to catch their breath from the chase, Bradley hears bells....AH!  This is where one must believe in the magic of Christmas and Santa Claus.  
Bradley then sees a shining object in the tree....he climbs said tree to find a beautiful sleigh.  Who owns such a sleigh?  And where could the owner be?
Snow begins to fall and Bradley picks up a snowflake. The snowflake is sweet on the tongue.  Then he finds a cookie-sized snowflake that is actually from the North Pole.  He doesn't realize the snowflake and the sleigh are enchanted and will take him and Finn on a wonderful adventure to meet the sweetest "old man."
I fell in love with the snowman.  A talking snowman?!?!  Yes, he is adorable!  He tells Bradley all about snopples.  Snopples are delicious apples that are actually snowballs grown in the North Pole. 
Bradley and Finn are adorable as they careen on the sleigh, eat snopples and find a new friend.  
This  enchanted 5 star read with awesome illustrations will be a favorite Christmas read with children of all ages!

*I was given a review copy by Reader's*

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