UNTO THE HILLS By Billy Graham

Book DescriptionThe classic 365-day devotional from Billy Graham, now back in print.  No matter your place in life, this classic collection of devotional readings is designed to bring you daily to that special place of renewal-to help you pause and gaze "unto the hills" for help and inspiration.Each of the 365 daily readings in this inspiring collection offers a carefully chosen passage of scripture, a brief, thoughtful message from    Dr. Graham, and a heartfelt prayer composed especially for this book. Distilled from a lifetime of study and ministry, these devotionals supply daily food for thought about living fruitfully and joyfully in an often fretful world.Simple, direct, encouraging yet challenging, this book offers itself as a heartening companion for your daily walk in the valley. This collection is a gentle but constant reminder that we can find help for all our needs as long as we remember to look up . . . unto the hills but especially unto the Lord.

About the Author:  It is said that Graham has preached in person to more people around the world than any other preacher in history. According to his staff, as of 1993 more than 2.5 million people had "stepped forward at his crusades to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior". As of 2008, Graham's lifetime audience, including radio and television broadcasts, topped 2.2 billion.

My Review:  Billy Graham is a house-hold name in many Christian communities.  Billy Graham is a well known evangelist who not only preached the Gospel but he wrote many a good book.  He wrote this devotional, Unto the Hills,  that will encourage and bring you daily spiritual renewal.  This devotional is drawn from more than 40 years of ministry!  A lot of Billy Graham's own personal experiences with the Creator are written in this wonderful devotional.  This is a day-by-day, 365 personal meditations to calm and encourage the soul while directing our thoughts to the One who can always help.  
I think of the scripture, “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help” (Psalm 121:1) as I read this read!  This is one of the most helpful-to-my-Christian-walk devotionals that I read!  This profound read helps me to get my day going and sometimes when I need more encouragement it helps me rest in peace as I read it before laying down for the evening.  This is also a grand devotional to use for family devotions!
As a great evangelist, Billy Graham. brought the message of salvation in short sermons to millions and here he brings encouragement, sound and profound writings that help us to know the Lord our God is for us and not against us!
This simple, direct, encouraging read is also challenging,  Unto the Hills, is a heartening 5 star companion for your daily walk in the valley—a gentle reminder that we can find help for all our needs as long as we remember to look unto the hills—and our Lord.
This beautiful book makes a wonderful gift or a a priceless read for your daily devotionals.  Make sure you check out this fantastic book before buying any other devotional!

*I reviewed this book for Thomas Nelson Publishing/BookSneeze*

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