Countdown In Cairo by Noel Hynd

Book Description:  Alexandra LaDuca is smart, tough, and cool under fire. But when she travels to Cairo to investigate a former mentor who was believed to be dead, Alex is caught in a bizarre game of double cross, and her life is more perilously on the line than ever.

My Review:  Having read the first two books in this trilogy I was pleased to review the third and final book.  
The adventures that Alexandra (Alex) has are way beyond my realm of living so I guess you could say that I live vicariously through these reads!
Alex is one smart, tough cookie. She heads to Cairo to find someone who was believed dead and now seems to be alive.
The book begins at a morgue but for that little bit of introduction will blast you way as the story takes a deep roller coaster plunge into the world of espionage, double crossing agents and the sweaty, road weary smells of Cairo!  
This is one of those reads that once you begin reading the first few pages it a must-finish-read!  
Noel Hynd is one of those authors that can create scenes that make the reader feel that he is right there in the action.  Without use of profanity or sensual scenes Mr. Hynd creates  a scenario full of action, adventure and an abundance of faith.  
Countdown In Cairo has more about Alex's faith than the first two reads.  If you didn't get to read Midnight In Madrid or Conspiracy In Kiev you can begin reading with Countdown to Cairo.  Each book is a separate adventure, a stand-alone read but the reader will understand Alex and the action much better if the trilogy is read in order.
If you enjoy an adventure with action and your not queasy at the sight of blood then you'll enjoy this 5 star read!
*I reviewed this book for Zondervan*

The Russian Trilogy:

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