Miss Sugar Crumb's Cooking Lesson

Book Description: Miss Sugar Crumb returns in this sequel to Malinda Mitchell’s previous book, Miss Sugar Crumb's Magic Kitchen. In this delightful story, Friend, a rabbit from the previous book, gathers other animals in the forest and leads them to Miss Sugar Crumb’s house. In her magic kitchen, Miss Sugar Crumb lovingly teaches her talking animal and bird friends how to cook. She shows how fun learning can be as she encourages the animals to ask questions and patiently answers them.
Children will receive a cooking lesson as well as a math lesson with fractions as they read, or hear this adorable book read aloud. This story comes alive with Malinda's words and Nora Tapp Franzese’s illustrations.

My Review:  Miss Sugar Crumb (don't you just love that delightful name!) seems to be a single young woman who loves the forest animals around her home.  She invites these beautifully illustrated  animals to come into her home and teaches them how to use measuring cups, the oven and how to read a recipe.
She and the forest friends make sugar cookies.  This delightful book with exceptional illustrations is sure to be a big  hit with young readers!  This story has a double lesson as well. . . . be kind to your forest friends and also how to feed those around you by cooking.  As Josie turtle says, “Cooking sure is a lot of work.”  But Miss Sugar Crumb patiently shows the animals how to bake.
When all the cookies and goodies are baked and put on the table the friends and Miss Sugar Crumb gather around for a mid morning snack but before partaking of the goodies they all bow their heads as Miss Sugar Crumb gives thanks. I love that this story also teaches young readers to be thankful for what God has provided!
This is one of those "magical" stories where kindness and patience are the norm.  The story is cute and reads smoothly.  The illustrations are fantastic as you can tell by the cover picture!  I love the picture of the raccoon pressing out the cookie dough. Such a sweet 5 star read for young readers!
*I reviewed this book for Readers Favorites.com*

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