Chasing Elephants Wrestling with the Gray Areas of Life by Brent Crowe

Book Description:  You may know what to believe, you may even know why you hold to those beliefs, but most of us don’t know how to believe on the thousands of decisions the Bible doesn’t specifically address. Chasing Elephants carefully examines the biblical subject of freedom in Christ and then extracts a set of principles that will act as a theology of belief for the seemingly gray areas of life. It is a journey that teaches not what or why but how to believe on any moral or ethical decision you'll face. 

My Review:  Brent Crowe writes an interesting book on basically five points or "elephants" in christianity: homosexuality, the cyber world, social drinking, entertainment and humanitarian efforts.
Brent takes the reader from the legal part of christianity to the grace we have in Jesus.  Having grace doesn't mean having the freedom to do whatever one wants but it means having the freedom to live in the grace Jesus has given us by giving us life and life more abundantly.
Having been reared in a christian home and going to church on a regular basis I found this book to be good...sorry not great because Brent reiterates his points over and over.  I think giving a point, expounding on it and leaving it for the reader to analyze and digest is plenty.
The title, Chasing Elephants Wrestling with the Gray Areas of Life, is a wonderful description, in itself, of how christians feel about the five topics he addresses.
Brent has a fantastic idea of what the Bible says about homosexuality, social drinking, the Internet!, and entertainment.  Okay so the part on the Internet!  Not about going to "bad" sites but what about the time I waste?!?! Yikes!  
The decisions and choices that one makes will and does affect your physical man, as well as, your spiritual man.  This four star read is a must for christians who want to stop chasing elephants and start being the man or woman God designed you to be!
*I reviewed this book for NavPress.  My opinions are my own and no, I'm not paid for this review*

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