Another fantastic Christmas Read!!

My Review
As I began reading I was immediately caught up in the lives of Holly, Jake, Mrs. Merkle (Miracle) and Gabe (Holly's nephew).
This sweet story begins with Holly concerned that she won't be able to provide a great Christmas for her nephew, Gabe, who is staying with her while his father is deployed overseas in the military.
Holly has never been married or had children so having Gabe live with her is a totally new experience!  She learns to cook mac -n cheese!  Not a single woman's menu choice.  
Then enters handsome, kind Jake.  Unknowingly Holly enters into a "somewhat" relationship with Jake after meeting him at the corner coffee shop.  Jake wants to get to know Holly but she is concerned with taking care of Gabe and trying to save enough money for his Christmas present....enter Mrs. Miracle (named spelled wrong on her employee badge Merkle-Miracle). 
Holly's boss becomes like Scrooge-mean and tight fisted making it harder for Holly to make ends meet.  But as life would have it Holly scrimps and saves because Gabe wants a small robot from Jake's store.  
There are family issues that Holly and Jake see differently with the help of Mrs. Merkle aka. Mrs. Miracle.
This is a wonderfully sweet Christmas story.  That includes a short entrance of Mrs. Miracle's friends-Shirley, Goodness and Mercy!  Don't you just love their names!
Debbie Macomber is a new author for me but I hope to read more of her books.  Her books aren't classified as Christian fiction but as I read this book I didn't find any off color references, bad words, or loves scenes that were overly descriptive.  
I found this read to be a lovely 5 star addition to my Christmas collection!

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