Little Pilgrim's Progress

I enjoyed reading Pilgrim's Progress when I was an older teen.  I feel that Pilgrim's Progress is one of the greatest books to be read, second to the Bible.  In fact, when the pioneers were traveling to the West most would carry a Bible and a copy of Pilgrim's Progress (how fitting).  I wanted my son to grow up knowing the christian classics but knew he wouldn't be able to understand the "adult" Pilgrim's Progress version.  So, when I found this book by Helen Taylor I immediately bought it.  We have read it several times!  She has done a wonderful job of directing the language to "kid speak" without taking out the meaning of the story.  It simply and beautifully tells of Christian's voyage, here on earth to the Celestial City.  Children ages 6 and up will understand Christian's trials, tears and fears.  But also Christian's moments of happiness when he reaches the cross, meets true friends and then crosses to the Celestial City.  If you're looking for a great christian classic for your young reader then this is the book to begin with!   A 5 star read!

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  1. I really enjoyed this book as a teen. I read it first and enjoyed it so much that I read the actual Pilgrim's Progress. I enjoyed it even more. They are both good books to read, but the Children's Pigrim's Progress with get the young ones or reluctant teen started.