Adam Raccoon and the Circus Master ( About Forgiveness)

Adam Raccoon and the Circus MasterBack of Book:    Parables for Kids Let Adam Raccoon and King Aren the Lion help your kids learn biblical truth.  Children will see themselves in rascally, fun-loving Adam who wants to follow his King, but finds it so easy to stray.  The wise, loving King Aren will remind them of Jesus, their King.

My Review: I love the Adam Raccoon books by Glen Keane.  Adam wants to go to the circus but King Aren asks him to wait.  Adam goes without King Aren.  And learns a hard lesson.   Adam is just like us--trying so hard to please the King. Then something will come along and before he knows it....Boom!  he's gotten into a mess of trouble.  But each time King Aren wisely and lovingly counsels Adam and then Adam is forgiven for his mischief.  I like the fact that Adam is forgiven BUT there is a consequence to his actions.  A great lesson in this story that adults and children alike will relate to.  Definite 5 stars!

About the Author:  When Glen Keane isn't writing and illustrating Parables for Kids, he is a directing animator for Walt Disney Pictures.  His work has appeared in many animated features including "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast."  Glen, his wife, and two children live near Los Angeles, California.

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  1. My son's loved the Adam Racoon books! I'd forgotten all about them. They're great!