Piece de Resistance

Piece de Resistance: A NovelSandra Byrd has written a wonderful novel that incorporates the French way of baking.  This is a fun novel about baking, cake, romance, cake, Oh well, you get the idea.  I not only enjoyed the book I learned a lot about baking that I didn't know.  Of course, the book isn't a recipe book nor is it all about's about Lexi Stuart and finding her place in this world.  We all have different dreams and talents.  This novel is about pursuing your dream and then sticking to it.  "With the fate of her career and her love life hanging by a thread, the phrase "piece of cake" has never been more daunting.  Lexi learns that she must trust the dreams in heart and the God who put them there."  A fun read that takes the cake!  (Just couldn't help myself :) 

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