A Kiss for Cade by Lori Copeland

A Kiss for Cade (The Western Sky Series)
  My Review:   I've been reading Lori Copeland's books for about seven years now.  And I've yet to be disappointed.  I read Outlaw's Bride and loved the story. Lori's books are stand-alone stories.  No need to read the first book to understand the rest. When A Kiss for Cade was published I eagerly read this book too.   This story is about patience, forgiveness and the willingness to put yourself on the line.  I enjoyed the interaction amongst the characters. The main characters, Cade Kolby and Zoe Bradshaw, give the book the action of love and adventure.  Cade and Zoe are trying to figure out where they fit into the scheme of caring for Cade's orphaned nieces and nephews. This is a sweet story but not so sweet you'll want to gag.  It isn't full of suspense or mystery. But it is a great story for those times when you just want to sit and read for enjoyment without trying to solve a mystery or think ahead of the author.  This is a story of simpler times when neighbor helped neighbor and moms made delicious homemade pies. This book is second in the Western Sky Series.  It's an entertaining read and definitely 5 star rated!  Be sure to check it out at your library or Amazon.  

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About the Author:  My husband and I live in the beautiful Ozarks. Our three sons, Randy, Rick and Russ live nearby so we get to enjoy our five grandchildren on a weekly basis. James, Joe, Josh, Gage and Audrey. Naturally I dote on the grandchildren! We also enjoy our many friends from our church and RV club.

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