The Sunflower Parable

The Sunflower Parable: Special 10th Anniversary Edition (Parable Series)

This week I'll be reviewing ALL children's books.  Even though they are written for children be sure to check them out for yourself too, as many, are interesting reads for adults too.  

Liz Curtis Higgs has been a favorite author of mine for sometime now.  I especially like her children's books.  I've read this to kids in Children's Church and then sometimes we will plant flowers to go with the story.  It's a great book for kids ages 3-10.  I love the way Liz brings out the growth of plants in comparison to those who grow in Christ.  Logan, the boy in the story, is disappointed when he plants his tiny seeds and sees nothing for days.  And then he begins to see the fruits of his labor.   Nice illustrations to go with a GREAT story.  

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