Snow Treasure by Marie Mcswigan

Snow Treasure

My Review:  I read this book to my class of third graders and would have to stop but the class would beg me to continue.  I was SO into the story too that I would gladly read another chapter.  This story takes place in Norway during WWII (1940).  The adults of the small, Norwegian town need to get the gold bullion out of their town before the Germans find it.  There are German guards posted everywhere so one can safely carry it safely to the ships which may be searched by the enemy.  The townsmen come up with a daring plan.  Since the children use their sleds for transportation and for fun they are asked to secretly carry out the gold. However, there is one small problem...will the snow last until the last shipment is safe?  It's a great read for children and adults like.  Most say this story isn't true BUT the author was a journalist at this time in history. Some believe that she heard about the town and their gold bullion and thought this would make a great children's book. Whether it's true or not it's a 5 star read.  Also, a great book to read for the summer reading list even though the book's setting is in the winter time.  Adults and children alike will love this story!

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  1. Sounds like a book I'd like to read and have my son read.

  2. I'm a kid at heart. And I love novels of WWII. Please enter me. Thanks!
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  3. Thought I entered yesterday, but I guess it didn't take. This book reminds me of a book my mom read to us when we were in school. It was about a boy escaping a concentration camp and going on a trek to find his mother. Do you remember that book? I've been looking for it for years.

  4. would love to win this one
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