Motherhood Musings!

Where does the time go?!?  Today I'm not reviewing a book, I'm reviewing life.    Okay, just my life not yours.    When I was single I seemed to have time on my hands.  You know, time to do my nails, time to take a bath, time to read (besides just at bedtime) BUT when I became a MOM all of that changed.  For the better, of course!  I love my son and I don't regret the time I don't have for myself.  What I do regret is not realizing how fast time would disappear beginning with the day he was born.  Today my son is 10 years old....a little man who is trying to make his place in the world.  Today, I also, asked the Lord to let the next 10 years go slightly slower.  I enjoy my child's laughter, the sound of the refrigerator constantly being opened and the little notes left on the counter that read, "I love you, MOM."                 
"I love you, Son!  Happy Birthday!"


  1. Awwww, brings a tear to my eye. I also think the last 10 years have gone a way too fast. I love that boy!! His Grandma

  2. I just realized that our sons' birthday's are right next to each other. (I know the dawn shines slowly in my head.)My baby's birthday (16)is today. This might sound crazy for a 16 yr old, but Monday when he was helping me set up for the Elections at the neighborhood elementary school library he saw a stuffed version of the amazing animal in the Dr.Suess story Put Me In The Zoo. He said he'd like to have one of those. So that night I went on Ebay and bought one. This morning it was sitting on the kitchen table with it's legs crossed waiting for him. It put a smile on his face.☺

    I said all that to say this, the books we read or give our children and become their favorites
    bring back warm and special memories that give them smiles whether they be 16 or 4- (my age).

    Hope your son had a great day!