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DVD Description:  In What’s In the Bible #3, Wanderin’ in the Desert, Buck Denver and his cast of friends take us through the next three books of the Bible—Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy—helping kids understand how these books fit in with Genesis and Exodus to make up the Pentateuch and to set the stage for the trials and victories of God’s people. The question “Did this stuff really happen?” is also answered. 

From the man who made vegetables talk (and sing and dance and tell Bible stories) comes this third release in the engaging new series that walks kids through the entire Bible! Each DVD is filled with an entertaining cast of characters who bring the most powerful Bible stories to life using humor, creative storytelling, and fun songs. Join VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer on a wild and zany journey and see the world’s most amazing book come to life.

My Review:  Having watched the first two dvd's (In the Beginning and Let My People Go) in this series I was pleasantly surprised by the third dvd because after one or two in a series the "after" ones sometimes "feels" redundant or stale.  But not this series.  Even though each dvd can certainly stand alone it makes for a nice set to show them in order to your child(ren) or just to have on hand for those times when you need a good dvd to watch.  Dvd #3 teaches children (maybe adults too) about Moses, Aaron, and the Israelites wandering in the desert.  Amazing story telling that is a lot like puppetry or the Muppets.  But the most surprising thing of all is the accuracy of biblical knowledge.  To me the Bible is the MOST important book that I want my children to know about.  
My son loved the first two dvd's and since I home school I plan to use, Wanderin' In the Desert, number three in our Bible curriculum.  The story line will go along with the Bible verses that we will be using and I think that having my son make a puppet of his own and retelling the Bible lesson that he learned about will help him to "ingest" the story.   Yes, Phil Vischer has once again created a Kid Friendly dvd with MUCH Bible learning for kids to feast on! A great 5 star dvd for children of all ages!

*I reviewed What's In the Bible #3 for Tyndale House Publishing*

About Phil:  Phil Vischer made his first animated film when he was nine years old; by the age of fourteen, he was convinced he would be a filmmaker when he grew up. After a brief stint at a Bible college, Phil struck out on his own, looking for a way to integrate his faith with his film making.
This quest led him to a tomato and a cucumber. The year was 1991, and Phil was a newly married 25 year-old with no financial backing and no idea how his vegetables would ever see the light of day.
Today, almost 50 million VeggieTales videos have been purchased and Phil’s faith-filled stories can be found in one-third of all American homes with young children. Although Phil’s original company, Big Idea Productions, collapsed in bankruptcy in 2003, Phil continues his creative involvement with VeggieTales through its current owner.
Phil also is actively developing new ways to integrate faith and storytelling through his new creative shop, Jellyfish Labs ( Phil captured the breathtaking rise—and heartbreaking fall—of Big Idea Productions in the book Me, Myself & Bob, which was published by Thomas Nelson. He is also the author of the popular children’s books Sidney and Norman and 47 Beavers on the Big Blue Sea.
Phil’s latest Jellyfish Labs project is JellyTelly— an interactive, online “mini-network” for children that is scheduled to launch in fall 2008. This web-based platform is a natural starting point for a wide variety of original programming geared toward helping kids grow in their Christian faith.
Phil lives with his wife Lisa (aka Junior Asparagus) and their three kids in Wheaton, Illinois. For more information, visit

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