Forgotten by Melody Carlson

Forgotten: Seventeen and Homeless
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Book Description:  With MIA parents, overdue rent, and no one to turn to, Adele is forced out of her home. She strives to maintain the pretense of a “normal” life while struggling to finish high school, all the while concealing that she is homeless. But is she strong enough to keep up the act?

Every teenage girl has a secret. And every teenage girl loves hearing someone else’s secret. But some secrets are big enough to detour, derail, or even destroy a young person’s life. Each of Melody Carlson’s Secrets novels will propel readers into a world where promises are broken, life is not fair, and challenges can make or break them, while ultimately helping readers discover that solid faith, loyal friends, and a persistent spirit will see them through.

My Review: This was a "first" for me . . . a first time to read a book by Melody Carlson.  I have to admit that I enjoy reading YA books.  This is one of those teen-life issues books that "hits home."  
This was a sad read but it was also informative in the sense that I felt what Adele was going through in life.  To be honest when I was a teenager, living at home with two wonderful parents and 3 siblings I didn't have to worry about a lot of these issues.  My mom cooked and did all those "mom things"---laundry, meals, cleaning and school activities.  My dad kept us in groceries, clothes and a nice place to live with church on Sundays and Wednesdays.  So, this was a definite "eye opener" for a well rounded person like me.  
Adele has a chance for a new life, new school, new friends but can things really change when her parents are out of the picture?
Adele's life is not one of promise but after meeting a pastor when she's at the end of her rope, meeting God and then meeting Beth and Jim, a wonderful couple, Adele's life takes a turn for the better. 
And then there's Adele's secret.  Something that only she can control with God's help.
The one fault I saw in this story is the ending . . . what happened to mom?  Can life really change THAT fast?  Will all our troubles truly disappear just because we accept God into our lives?  Of course, this is a fiction read that truly looks at the life of the "forgotten" teenagers in our world.
This is a great 4 star look at what it's like to be a teenager without loving parents to guide you.

*I reviewed this book for Nav Press as part of their blogger program*

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  1. Great review. It really is a book that will hit home with many. I know I would really enjoy this book in so many ways. I'm definitely adding to my list!