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Summer Sensations Download N Go is one of the "neatest" learning projects I've seen.  I just found out about Download N Go this summer from a friend.  Download N Go is so easy to use.  You buy the bundle you want and Download 'N Go (teach/have fun).  
I was so excited to be able to review this Summer Sensations Download N Go.  Since I homeschool our ten year old I started the school year with this fun learning tool.  I used a unit a day to get back into the swing of school.  Not only was it interesting but it started the school year off with fun and learning!  Download N Go also includes a list of books that go with each unit.  I picked out the books that would relate to my son so we read How Do You Know It's Summer by Allan Fowler and Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert.
My son is really "into" photography this summer so we chose to take pictures during our study (his daddy did help with these :)  What fun!
Unit 1: What is Summer?
Unit 2: Science Secrets of Summer
Unit 3: People and Places of Summer
Unit 4: Time for Tips and Treasures of Summer
Unit 5: Goodies and Surprises of Summer
First, we learned about seasons (Unit 1).  This was somewhat redundant material  for my ten year old but we did the outdoor activities.  He loved the Nature Walk.  We went to Tyler State Park and walked the trails.  It's beautiful in the summer!  We found these geese honking "Hello!"  We also looked for other summer bugs but didn't find many in the hot, summer sun.

Unit 2 was SO interesting!  My son loves learning about the stars and sky!  We had a hard time capturing a picture because of the darkness  but as we were coming down Beckham Street in Tyler the next evening after our study of the sky we took this picture by one of our hospitals (ETMC) in Tyler, TX.  We thought it showed the East Texas stars well.  This also prompted more questions about the summer sky and the looooonger days of summer.  So, we actually had two  lessons in one. 
Unit 3 was as interesting as Unit 2 because it was about the long days of summer and snow cones! We love snow cones!  My son loves to "invent"things and so the study of who invented the snow cone machine interested him immensely!  (Sorry I won't spoil it for you....I'll let you find out who invented the snow cone machine...)  For the end of this unit we made snow you couldn't guess that!  My sister-in-law gives us the "real" snow cone syrup that she uses....AH, wonderful!  Then we add Eagles' Brand Milk to our syrup.  Wow!  This unit was interesting and tasty!
My son loves blue coconut but I enjoyed cherry and my husband is partial to lemon.  A great summer treat!

Unit 4 is about cardinals (bird watching), trees in summer, sundials and shadows! Very interesting because we live way out by Lake Palestine.  So, living in the country we see quite a few birds especially cardinals.  We saw a lovely, deep red cardinal  but couldn't capture him on  our camera.  Since this unit is on shadows and sundials we played shadow tag.  Shadow tag involves one or more players chasing each other in an attempt to step on the "it" shadow.  There are many variations to this game.  We just played for the fun of it.  Stepping on the "it" shadow and calling out, "I'm on your shadow!"

Unit 5 is about ice cream, fruit and dominoes.  East Texas has great blueberries and blackberries.  But since it's so hot we opted to go to WalMart and pick our blueberries.  Then we made blueberry muffins.  So YUMMY!  My son still likes me to read to him.  So I chose to read the book, Blueberries For Sal, one of my favorites.  We had alot of fun with Unit 5 and, of course, we went to Braum's for an ice cream cone!  Oh, to end this study he had so much fun when his grandmother taught him to play dominoes....Mexican Train.

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There's SO much information and learning in Download N Go!  There are lists of books, colorful papers, neat charts and so many teaching ideas!  A wonderful resource for homeschool moms or for parents who want to do activities with their child(ren).  
We enjoyed this study immensely! 
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  1. I became a follower. I am a homeschooling mom to my oldest son, and the younger two go to school. I purchased the Davy Crockett unit today, and am anxious to try it out!

  2. I just became a follower of your blog. This is our first year homeschooling and we are very excited about unit studies. We have tried a couple other DownloadNGos and my daughter loves them. I would incorporate this into a fun week break for us.