Latte Daze by Erynn Magnum

Latte Daze: A Maya Davis Novel (Maya Davis Series)
Book Description:  When Maya Davis’ ex-boyfriend proposes to her roommate, Jen, their apartment becomes Wedding Central. As if that weren’t awful enough, Jen’s obnoxious mom moves in to help with the planning!
Maya's relationships really start to get crazy when her genius brother and sister-in-law announce their pregnancy, and then to top it off there’s Jack—could it be love? Who wouldn’t need a coffee break! 
This fun, lighthearted fiction novel for teens uses strong characters, humor, and quiet faith to promote trust in God.

My Review:  I absolutely Erynn Magnum's books!  I love this series: Cool Beans, Latte Daze and Double Shot!  It's not necessary to read them in order but I think you'll understand Maya and her friends better if this series is read in order.  Yes, this a YA book but I would say that ALL ages would enjoy this series.  I read Cool Beans and just waited (impatiently) for Latte Daze!
I like Maya, the main heroine, probably because I "see" a lot of myself in her.  Maya is not subject to change, she loves caffeine and chocolate AND is constantly working on her relationships.  
The really neat thing about this book is the way Erynn shows how young love can also be pure love.  A true sign of godliness.  The romance is sweet but not sickly and yes, caffeine radiates from these pages.  I'm not a coffee lover but I do love a good latte or cappuccino! OH!  Did I mention the chocolate!  
Maya is so funny!  And with her best friend's wedding coming up, changes at work and her sweet romance, this makes for a fantastic read!
I enjoyed getting to know Maya's family . . . her sister-in-law's pregnancy is written all too real. And then there's Jen's probably need to read this for yourself.
This is a truly amazing series and one you'll not want to miss.
This title really has me thinking about the upcoming weddings (er, I mean wedding)....Well, guess we'll just have to wait and see. 
Can't wait to read Double Shot coming in October!


  1. Definitely a series I would enjoy, but in a series I always start with Book 1. Great review!

  2. Coffee and chocolate, this book already has my interest.

  3. have read many positive reviews...sounds like a fabulous read :)

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