If God Is Good Study Guide by Randy Alcorn

If God Is Good Study Guide
Book Description: Dive Into a Thorough Exploration

of Today’s Most Troubling Issue
The reality of evil and suffering is not only our culture’s biggest objection to faith in God, but also a piercing thrust into the soul of every believer at some point in their lives.
Those facts compel us to prepare in order to handle the doubts and questions that roll over us like a storm tide whenever we confront the worst of pain, malice, and injustice. This study guide to Randy Alcorn’s If God Is Good: Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil helps you gain perspective on suffering and God’s unfailing goodness. 
Designed for both individual and group use, this guide is adaptable to whatever schedule and approach is most convenient for you—from a four-week overview, to an exploratory eight-week journey, to an intensive thirteen-week course.
Included throughout are a variety of questions for reflection and discussion, plus book excerpts that capture the highlights and best insights from If God Is Good. In addition, a group leader’s guide offers guidance for steering a group through any of the three approaches.
Let this book be your guide as you face up to a seriously perplexing issue and the countless questions it keeps generating.
My Review: This brand new, just released study guide---If God Is Good Study Guide by Randy Alcorn is a wonderful companion to the book If God Is Good.  This study guide includes a 4-week, 8-week, and 13-week studies (you choose your time).  This is also perfect for groups but I chose to do this study on my own and found it to be a great guide for my time limits.  
Each study is titled the same as the chapter in the book.  Then there is a Focus In-overview of the chapter; Interact-more explanation of facts, words in the chapter; Explore Further-Gives many verses to back up chapter being studied; Investigate Further-Want more?  Verses that go into more depth.  You can do all or chose what interests you.  I found the Focus In and Investigate parts to be most helpful to me.  However, when time allowed I did go more in depth.
This is a great asset for those who may be teaching or part of a group study.  It can be done as an individual study but I feel that a group study will bring out more of the "meat" in the book.
Now the book If God Is Good is required reading for this study I suggest that if you don't have the book buy the book and the study guide together.  You will be blessed by this study.  
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  1. This sounds like a good study book. It is important for Christians to shore up their faith in God before suffering comes, so they have the foundation to get through the suffering. Of course nothing takes the place of knowing God's scripture, but this study sounds like a good help in putting things into perspective. I've had to go through several hardships in my life that tested my faith and looking back, I'm glad for what I had learned from studying scripture and Christian resources such as this book to help me deal with the mental anguish. Will put this study on my list.