Plain Paradise by Beth Wiseman

Plain Paradise (A Daughters of the Promise Novel)
Book Description:  Linda's Amish life seemed like paradise. Until she found out her family had been hiding a secret since the day of her birth.

Josie was just a frightened teenager when she left her baby in the care of an Old Order Amish couple in Lancaster County. Since then, seventeen years have passed and while much has changed, one thing hasn't. Josie still longs to reconnect with her daughter Linda.
But Linda is unaware of Josie--and living an idyllic life within the Amish community. The bishop's grandson, Stephen, is courting her and she hopes that he will propose soon. When her birth mother comes to Paradise, Linda finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Josie's world. Meanwhile, her adoptive parents--and her Amish beau--are trying to understand how this interruption in Linda's life could possibly be God's will.
As new relationships begin and old ones are tested, no one's life will remain the same. In the process of losing and letting go--Linda realizes whose daugther she really is. And as only God can do, something more powerful and far more beautiful is forged within the Daugthers of the Promise community...hope.
My Review:  A wonderful, light read.  Some reviewers have suggested that this is a YA read because the setting centers around a seventeen year old Amish-raised girl.  In my humble opinion this book is a great-tastic read for all ages.  The other books in this "Daughters of the Promise" series, Plain Perfect, Plain Pursuit, Plain Perfect are all about different Amish ladies but yet in the same setting.  So, I wasn't disappointed when I read Plain Paradise as  a stand alone book.  
This is a wonderful Amish read about an adopted Englischer baby girl, Linda, who has grown up in an Amish household. And whose birth mother, Josie, begins to feel the pangs of giving up her baby after seventeen years.  
The author did a great job of intertwining the Amish way of life with the "outside world."  Not an easy feat  but a "necessary telling" so that the reader understands how hard it would be for an Amish-raised child to fit into the English (outside world) way of life. The Amish ways are strict and require that children obey and respect adults (how we all can learn from this!).  Plus, the Amish are very work oriented without the conveniences of modern appliances.  This is amazing in itself!  Not to mention the Amish cook, bake and can all their own foods.  Wonderful aromas arise from the pages of this book!
This is an interesting story that focuses mainly on the mother-child bond....Linda and her adopted mother Mary Ellen.  I felt rather sorry for Josie, the long lost mother, but could really understand the view of the loving, "true" mother of Linda.  
The ending is predictable But this was a great 4 star read!  If you enjoy Amish fiction be sure to check out ALL the books in the Daughters of the Promise series....you won't be disappointed!

*I reviewed this book for Reader's Favorites.com*

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