Justice in Paradise by Terrye Robins

Justice in Paradise
Book Description:  From the charming town of Paradise, Oklahoma, to the pristine shores of Hawaii, Allison Kane is leaving her mark. No matter where she goes, trouble soon follows. In Justice in Paradise, adventure, suspense, and humorous antics from Aunt Edith all reach new heights. Teaching summer school is Allies main focus, but her part-time journalist position at the Hawaiian Star is keeping her detective skills honed. Someone is terrorizing motorists by throwing lava rocks off bridges on Oahu. Despite threats directed toward her and Aunt Edith, they are determined to help Detective Simon Kahala and his team bring the criminal to justice. Meanwhile, tailgate thefts are causing a stir in Paradise, and Allies cousin Michael, while visiting a friend in Hawaii, faces a nightmarish struggle with nature. Will the criminals be caught? Can good overcome evil? There must be Justice in Paradise!

My Review: Oh, How I love Hawaii!  And reading about this great state is almost as good (note the word almost) as visiting it!  I read the first two books in this series Trouble In Paradise and Revenge In Paradise.  So, I was excited to read Justice In Paradise.  I absolutely love this new author!  Great clean, christian suspense.  I also like the play on words in the use of the word "paradise."  The book's setting takes place in Hawaii (paradise) and the main heroine, Allison, is also from Paradise, Oklahoma but is spending her summer in Hawaii teaching summer school and working for the local newspaper.   I could relate to Allison being a teacher myself and I absolutely love her aunt Edith, one spunky, never one to shudder from a good mystery.  I appreciate a mystery/suspense story that doesn't include gory details or over-kissed-heroines.  This is a fantastic read.  A lot of Hawaiian history, romance, and a great mystery!  
If you want to read great 5 star christian suspense then don't miss this series.  
The mysteries are all separate--each book is a stand alone read but there is some overlapping information from the previous books but not enough to ruin the current read.
I can't wait to read book 4 Secrets in Paradise!  


  1. Hawaii is a special place for me, it's where I got married and lived for a few years. I love books set on the islands and this cozy/suspense series sounds terrific.

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  3. this sounds like a great read...thanks for sharing :)

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