Who Wants Tyler Dead? A Cozy Mystery

Book Description: Marielle Jones has been hired to drive eight-year old Tyler, his ten-year old sister Mickey, and their maternal grandmother on a camping trip across Oregon. When Tyler claims someone pushed him into a river, she doubts it. But when their party is shot at in a lava cave and Tyler's horse is spooked while he's riding on the Oregon dunes, Marielle begins to wonder: What's going on here? Who wants Tyler dead? And why? Add the mystery of the kids' missing mother, the suspicious actions of their grandmother, and the puzzling attention of a fellow camper, and Marielle is thrown into amateur sleuth mode. And where does a lazy, mixed-breed hound, an elegant purebred one, and a suave college instructor fit into the picture? It all comes together in the musty, dark corridors of an historic old military fort. 
My Review:  I enjoy reading a cozy mystery.  A cozy mystery is just that . . . no gore, ugliness or sensuality.  Just like a great cup of tea!  The title of this book, Who Wants Tyler Dead? makes for an interesting start to the story.  Marielle is hired after her accident to take ten year old Tyler, his younger  sister, and their grandmother to Oregon.  Marielle needs the money and decides it's the best things in her sight right now.  A nice, big, newer pickup with a camper hatch is provided for her to drive to Oregon.  She and her charges camp along the way.  Camping brings out ALOT of the incidences that create the mystery surrounding Tyler.  I enjoyed the trip form California to Oregon with Marielle and her charges.  
This is an interesting mystery. With some humor and romance intertwined throughout the story. Why is someone targeting Tyler? And where is the children's mother?  Marielle's sleuthing comes to the front and so she's on the case.
I had the wrong person picked as the culprit so the "real" culprit was quite a surprise to me at the end as why Tyler was the target!
I knew when I chose to review this book that it wasn't christian and there may be "words" in it.  Even though I enjoyed the book immensely the author used the word "damn/damned" more than once but other than 'that word' the book was well written and very enjoyable.
I enjoyed reading this 4 star ebook! To my knowledge this in only available in ebook form.

*I reviewed this ebook for Reader's*

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