Who Is God...a child's book

Who Is God?: A Story of Wonder and Love for Kids
Book Description:  In Kathleen Ruckman’s delightful book for kids ages 5-8, colorful illustrations from Greg Hardin animate Annie and Adam’s adventures on their grandpa’s farm and the lessons they learn about God. Every starry sky, barnyard animal, and fishing trip leads to a conversation and an opportunity for young ones to discover God as Creator, Provider, and loving Father.
This delightful story explores the wisdom of the Bible, the love of Jesus, and the joy of being a child of God. A handy scripture reference is included to help parents and teachers in their conversations about God with special little ones in their lives.

My Review:  A cute, biblical story of Annie and Adam with wowtastic illustrations!  Love how grandpa has a tummy and the BIG eyes of Annie and Adam---eyes filled with the wonder of childhood innocence.  I think I enjoy children's picture books because I love pictures!  Isn't a picture worth a thousand words?!  So, as you read this book to a young child he can follow along with the wonderful artwork and pretty soon he'll be able to tell you the story from the pictures!

Who Is God is a difficult subject to explain to children.  I feel that the author, Kathleen Ruckman, did and excellent job of describing the Wonderful Creator's love for us and His awesome presence!  I love this part of the story as grandpa explains God's never changing ways to Annie and Adam, "Always remember when things change so fast and life gets hard, God is the One person who never ever changes.  You can always count on Him.  He is like the anchor on the boat.  God holds on to you-and His love will never let you go."  This is also a great story for adults too.  We, adults, become hardened and forget that we need to have the heart of a child. Need a lift?  Read this fantastic child's book and relish in the love of the Father!  
I tested this book on my ten year old.  He read the story and then we discussed his questions regarding our heavenly Father.  SO . . . I also found this book to be a great discussion starter about God and biblical values.  
I highly recommend this book with two thumbs up and look forward to reading What Will Heaven Be Like?

*I reviewed this book for Reader'*

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  1. Looks like such a cute book for little ones :) I will look for this when my grandaughter is here :)