Lonestar Homecoming by Colleen Coble

Lonestar HomecomingBook Description:  For most, it's the safest place on earth. For Gracie, it's the last place she wants to be...and the one place she must return.
With nothing but five dollars and the wedding dress she's wearing, Gracie Lister flees with her daughter by train to West Texas, to the town she ran away from so long ago. There they find refuge in the home of Michael Wayne--devoted single father, seasoned soldier--who gives Gracie a job caring for his two children and the hiding place she needs from her former fiance.
Michael and Gracie aren't looking for love, but it finds them right away. And then trouble comes to call in the form of Gracie's ex-fiance who is now on the FBI's most-wanted list. Together, Michael and Gracie must find the strength they need to protect their newly forged family.

My Review:  Collen Coble is a favorite author of mine so I was excited to review this book. When I began reading Lonestar Homecoming I didn't realize that it was the third in a series.  Somewhat disappointed that I had missed the first two books before reading this one and fearing that this book would refer to the other two I began reading this book with trepidation.  Not to fear! From page one this book had me hooked and I do mean hooked!  The story of Gracie and her daughter, Hope, takes off at a fast run.  You just about catch your breath when another adventure starts.
Gracie has been running from one thing or another all her life.  Then quite by accident she runs into the arms of Michael.  She and Michael form an alliance and combine their two families---No easy feat!  Along with the suspense of Gracie's life there is also the mystery in Michael's life so there are really two mysteries happening side-by-side.  Gracie runs from her problems and Michael faces his problems head on.  Michael teaches Gracie that love does cover a multitude of sins and that God is always for you not against you!  Gracie teaches Michael love is patience and kind.  This is the first book I've read by Collen Coble that included children.  She incorporates the children into this story like a sprinkles of cinnamon in a sweet tasting apple pie.  A hint that it's there but not overwhelming with just the children's story.
I absolutely loved reading this  5 star read!  A story of redemption, love and suspense . . . lots of suspense and romance!  Just a delightful, wonderful read!  
Since I didn't read the first two books in the series, Lonestar Sanctuary and Lonestar Secrets, I will be looking those up to read them.  Also, I do feel that this book is a stand alone book.  A story in itself and not leaning on the other two for support.  Enjoy the adventure . . . Read On!

*I reviewed this book for Reader's*

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  1. Tammy, this one sounded really good, so I down loaded a sample of Lonestar Sanctuary on my Kindle to try it out.