Where Thieves Break In by Cristina Sumners

Thieves Break In
Books Description:  The Reverend Kathryn Koerney is looking forward to guiding a group of her New Jersey parishioners through historical Oxford, England. She's also eager to visit her cousin, Richard, who works for a baronet at Datchworth Castle. But just before she departs, Kathryn gets word that Richard has fallen to his death from a castle tower. The police are calling it murder--yet they don't have a single lead. Fortunately, her friend, Chief of Police Tom Holder, is anxious to accompany her to the scene and lend his expertise. Secretly smitten with the divine lady priest, there's nothing the crime-deprived, unhappily married cop would like more than to conduct an investigation with her by his side. But his enthusiasm quickly fades when a certain marquis captures Kathryn's attention.

Datchworth has a wealth of secret treasures--and dark secrets. And when Kathryn stumbles upon what could be the most sensational find of the century, Tom and Kathryn are caught in a web of greed and madness that will require all their courage and faith--not just to save their friendship, but their lives.

My Review: This is the first book that I've read my Cristina Sumners.  I found the title Thieves Break In and that it's a divine mystery to make for a great introduction to a novel.  The book opens with construction work at Datchworth Castle in the village of Wallwoon in Oxfordshire, England, a secret room is uncovered. Expensive silver dating from the Cromwell era and manuscripts are found in the forgotten room. Rob Hillman is hired to translate and catalogue the manuscripts, a job he loves.  Later Sir Gregory is looking for Rob but Rob can't be found anywhere.
Reverend Kathryn Koerney plans to visit Oxford to show her New Jersey parishioners the real city beneath the modern day glass. She is also planning to meet up with her cousin Rob, but learns he is dead. She turns the tour over to a friend and accompanied by Police Chief Tom Holden journeys to Datchworth castle to pick up Rob's belongings and hopefully to uncover a clue, not understanding that the killer has no mercy especially when someone begins to unravel his best laid plans. 
I had high hopes for this book.  The cover is enticing and I love a good mystery set in England with all of the tea and high yummy to read about.  Even though this book mentions those yummy teas it was a very slow read for me.  I just couldn't "get into" the story.  The author had flashbacks to what had happened a year to two years in the past.  It confused me and was hard for me to keep up with what had/was happening in the story.  The mystery was interesting but there wasn't any action and the reading was slow for me.
At best I consider this a 3 star read.  

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  1. This sounds like a book I would enjoy, great review!

    And I like the new look!

  2. Thank you for the win! Even if by default! :-)

  3. This book sounds interesting, but I prefer more contemporary fiction and YA books. (hint, hint)

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