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Shades of Morning: A Novel
Book Description:  Praise for Shades of Morning

“Will Marnie and Taylor, torn apart sixteen years ago, find a way to overcome, seemingly impossible, barriers and find happiness? Shades of Morning, superbly crafted by veteran author, Marlo Schalesky, presents a sense of family and love that will touch the reader's soul.  The book is a memorable journey into a woman's heart and the lessons she learns about real family loyalty.  Reader, prepare yourself for a surprise ending!”
— Irene Brand, best-selling author of Love Finds You in Valentine, Nebraska and Made for Each Other
Shades of Morning is magical! Full of the wonder of love, true love. It surprised me on every page. I loved it!”
— Deborah Raney, author of Almost Forever and the Clayburn Novels

 “Each of Marlo Schalesky’s inspirationally unique stories are “like a box of chocolates—you never know what you’re gonna get” and Shades of Morning is no exception. From the first page, I fell for the beautifully drawn and flawed characters, and by the end, I wanted to hug them, especially Emmit. What an angel.”
— Tamara Leigh, author of Nowhere, Carolina and Leaving Carolina
Shades of Morning is a gripping story of grace and forgiveness in the face of years of secrets, half-truths, and running. Yet it is so much more. Marnie and Tyler became people I cared about from the opening pages, yet I wondered how the tangled web of their past could ever unravel to show the promise of a future. And the image of God revealed in the prose speaks to me even now after I’ve reached the end.”
—    Cara C. Putman, author of Cornhusker Dreams and Stars in the Night
“Poignant. Heartfelt. Compelling. This latest novel by Marlo Schalesky is a touching testament to the power of love, forgiveness, and second chances. Shades of Morning is an unusual love story with a twist--and what a twist! You'll love it. But be sure to have a box of tissues close at hand. This would make a great movie! (Are you listening, Hollywood?)”
—    Laura Jensen Walker, author of Becca by the Book and Turning the Paige
“Marlo wrote an engrossing story told with her signature richness and beauty. Her characters lived and breathed -- I connected with them immediately -- even as they displayed the messiness of real life. Shades of Morning will touch your heart and remind you of God's enduring hope, love and redemption. It's a treasure!”
—    Cindy Martinusen Coloma, author of best-selling novel Orchid House and Beautiful

My Review:  WOW!  One word that can mean GREAT & FANTASTIC!  Shades of Morning is a WOW read!  I wasn't sure about this book having never read anything by Marlo Schalesky but I loved the title . . . so I received the book and was just going to browse the first page.  BIG mistake!  I couldn't put it down AND it was time to cook supper!  Oh What to do?!?!  Shades of Morning is a fast read even though I wouldn't label it a light read.  This story has depth and a wonderful flavor like using a hint of vanilla in rice pudding.  Marnie uses a box to put all her "major life events" in.  I liked that idea.  Why not remember things that have a special effect on your life-good or bad?  Of course, there's Emmit, Marnie's nephew, who is a sweet, sometimes stubborn Down's Syndrome teen who struggles like Marnie to come to grips with his life.  This is great 5 star read about a dysfunctional family who has to reunite after Marnie's sister's death.  And then there's the romance between Marnie and Taylor.  A romance once hot with youthful love now turned cool with age.  Well . . . as you may have guessed we had sandwiches for supper and they were as wonderful as this fantastic read! It is summer time! SOOOOO maybe tonight is the night for you to have sandwiches for supper and take time out to read Shades of Morning

*I reviewed this book for Waterbrook/Multnomah*

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Author:  Marlo Schalesky


Besides writing books that I hope you'll buy (!), I also run an engineering firm and have recently earned my Masters degree in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. Originally, I was a research chemist (I got my bachelor's degree in chemistry at Stanford University in 1988), but I always knew I wanted to write. So, I'm grateful to be weaving stories that whisper of grace, of mystery, and of surprise.


  1. This is on my wishlist. Now I'm looking forward to reading it even more.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. Great review. I loved your comparison to adding vanilla to rice pudding. Looking forward to reading this one.