The Gunsmith's Gallantry by Susan Paige Davis

The Gunsmith's Gallantry (Ladies' Shooting Club)

Book Description:  The second book in the Ladies'' Shooting Club series is a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud-funny love story. The characters are lovable, quirky and fun to read about. Davis has scored another hit!  Can the shy gunsmith and the widowed storekeeper find love when everything around them is in an uproar? Hiram Dooley has problems—women problems! His sister’s about to leave him to get married (if Sheriff Ethan Chapman ever proposes); his sister-in-law, Rose, thinks Hiram should marry her, since they’re both widowed; and the woman he truly loves, Libby Adams, is blind to his regard. The schoolmarm has a different problem—a man claiming to be her uncle came to Fergus. . .and then disappeared. Did her father kill him? Can the Ladies’ Shooting Club once again ride to the rescue?

My Review:  Feisty, lovable and sometimes downright aggravatin' can the ladies of the Shooting Club be!  But watch out as you'll be hooked from page one of this story.  I loved book 1, The Sheriff's Surrender, in this series.  But this second book, The Gunsmith's Gallantry,  is in my opinion, even a better read! 
In the wild west it seems that ladies didn't have many options but boy howdee watch out if you crossed a feisty lady's path!  Hiram is about to cross the path of his lady love . . . more sparks fly than the best July fourth fireworks show.  Enter Libby one sweet but determined lady.  Mix in a dried up and fixin'-to-get-you widow with the tenacious claws of a determined lobster.  Then the mystery of Libby's uncle unites the Ladies Shooting Club once again as they try to rescue of their sisters in trouble.  
With everything in an uproar in this small town how will Libby and the Ladies Shooting Club ever get to the bottom of this mystery as they teach and learn to use guns?  Ever try to teach someone to shoot at a target without becoming the target? And then there's the romances.  Yes, romances!  One man loves one woman but she oblivious.  The other woman loves the man who's in love with the oblivious lady and then will Sheriff Ethan EVER propose? This is a tickle your funny bone mystery/romance.  
This is a fast paced western read with humor around every corner.

* I received a copy to review from Debra Gaynor at Reader'*

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