Simple Gifts by Lori Copeland

Simple Gifts
Book Description:  When Marlene Queens has to go home to Missouri to settle her aunt's estate, she only plans to stay for a week. She never intends to run into her childhood sweetheart, get drawn back into the life of the town or risk revealing the secret that she's kept for years.

My Review:  Ahhh!  Reading, Simple Gifts, is like eating a smooth, piece of Dove chocolate.  The first sentence hits your sensory perception like chocolate on the tip of your tongue.  Wonderful!  
I love a story that grips my heart but yet leaves me with the warm fuzzy feeling.  Simple Gifts does just that!
A zany aunt, a true love come-back and a woman seeking a place to fit in.  Not to mention a mystery.  This story has it all! With God's gracefulness He leads Marlene back to the starting place so that she may receive what He has for her.  Somewhat like some of us who know of Him but don't truly know Him. Marlene finds that her childhood place is a place of peace and rest. And she finds that lies don't make life easier.  
Even though Marlene lies (a lot!) I did find the lesson of lying to be a good reminder that truth will always prevail.  
If you've ever lived in a small town then you'll definitely find this book entertaining!  A fantastic 4 star read!  Once again, another favorite author, Lori Copland, hits a home run!
This book is labeled christian/ romance/fiction but I like to think of this read as great chick lit.  

*I reviewed this book for Zondervan*

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