Wednesday's In the Parlor

Be sure to check  in each Wednesday for a book to read or  for a review of a book.  I will be announcing the book I'm reading on Wednesdays and if you have the book join me.  If you don't have the book wait for the review and sometimes I will be giving the book away and you may want to read it.  I love to read Christian fiction but I have to admit that I am a choosy reader.  However, this year I plan to read more nonfiction. :)  A friend pointed out to me one day that reading nonfiction increases your learning.  But I thought, "That's why I read --to relax not learn." :)   I do enjoy a good cozy mystery but this year I plan to read a few nonfiction books and increase my knowledge and hope you too will join me. We can "grow smart" together.  Sorry but I don't go for gore, horror or sickly romance. I want my reading to glorify the Lord.  Enough said. :)  Come by tomorrow with a cup of tea or coffee ready to read!

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