More Thoughts on "How to Reach Your Full Potential for GOD"

I was impressed with Dr. Charles Stanley's book,  How To Reach Your Full Potential for GOD.  This book has so many good points but I want to share a few points from one chapter, Chapter 4.  This chapter is entitled "A Clean Heart."  Dr. Stanley writes about everyday, practical matters.  In chapter 4 he writes an illustration about how we don't just wash our hands when they're visibly dirty so in the same way we shouldn't think that we can go to church once a week and think that a sermon, a few scriptures will keep your heart clean. "Maintaining a clean heart is a daily exercise."  He continues on in the chapter with setting our heart toward purity, confession & forgiveness for they bring heart health.  
I hope you'll find time in your day to talk with the Lord, read His Word and develop a relationship with Him through the week and not settle for a "quick sprinkle" on Sunday.  
If you can get a copy of How To Reach Your Full Potential for GOD by Dr. Charles Stanley I encourage you to read this inspiring book.  Have you read another book that has inspired your faith?Please leave a comment about a book that inspires you:

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