As a teacher I know reading is important but it didn't hit me until a couple of weeks ago how important reading really is.  My 9 year old son doesn't enjoy reading, much to my dismay, and I've been worried that he's missing out on something important in life.  I love to read but honestly reading directions and nonfiction is a chore for me.  This is where as a parent I learned a lesson.  My son received a new monopoly game and his dad told him about a rule in the game.  However, our son said that his cousin didn't play it that way SO our son got out the instructions and for the game and for one hour (yes, one hour!) he sat on the couch and tediously read EVERY instruction on how to correctly play Monopoly.  When his dad came home from work he excitedly told him that we were all playing Monopoly wrong.  Needless to say we sat down and played a few hours of Monopoly by the rules.  You know it went better and was actually more fun.  I realized that there are different types of reader enjoyment.  Mine is reading fiction, my son likes to read instructions to know how things work and my husband enjoys reading Biblical nonfiction.  So tell me what type of reader are you?


  1. So true...I've noticed this difference in children's reading preferences, too. While I love Bible reading, and some non-fiction, for relaxation I tend to pick up a good "story" either fiction or non-fiction. Never instructions or directions. :)

  2. So true...people enjoy reading for different reasons. For relaxation, I tend to pick up a "story" either fiction, or non-fiction.

  3. I've noticed that most men prefer non-fiction, and a lot of women prefer fiction.