A Tribute

Yesterday was my mom's birthday.  So, today I dedicate this to her because she's the one who made reading fun for me.  I remember as a child that she read to me, my brother and sister before bedtime.  When we were quite small I remember her reading "The Little Red Hen."  I do believe that from that story I learned that if one doesn't work-one doesn't eat, hence my work ethic today.  As we grew older she didn't read to us as much because we were reading by now.  However, we lived way out in the country and a Bookmobile would come once a week to the upper road.  My mom would take us to the upper road to trade in our books.  How I loved the Bookmobile with all the adventures hidden in the cover of those books.  To this day I still love going to the library.  Last year my son was old enough for his first library card so off we went to the library.  He was so excited!  I hope I can instill a love of reading in my son the same way my mom instilled a love of reading in me.  So this weekend turn off the TV and enjoy some book time with your child(ren).  What is a favorite book you read to your child?


  1. One of my son's favorites was Go Dog Go by P D Eastman. To this day one of us will ask " Do you like my hat?" MAN

  2. Awwwwww...I didn't know you were going to mention me in your blog, Tammy. :) I remember reading "The More the Merrier" to you when you were very little and fixin' to get a new brother or sister.