Reading Is Everywhere

Did you realize that you read almost every minute of the day?  Right now you're reading this post, next you might read a recipe to make for supper.  When you run errands you'll be reading those crazy store ads.  Our world is filled with reading.  So I'm sure you get my point that reading is important.  We all like different styles of writing and enjoy reading different genres.  However, we all have one thing in common--we read!  On Wednesday I'll be announcing the next book I'm reading.  It's a great book (so I've heard) but this time I'll reading a nonfiction book.  Come to the Parlor, sit, relax and enjoy a great read!

Here's something good to read.  On my side bar is a button to Free Sample Freak site.  Click on the button and check out some wonderful freebies.  By the way I don't get paid for mentioning sites.  To me blogging is all about sharing.  So when I find something good I'll share it with you.   

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