I've always loved to read so when I got married I was happily surprised that my husband loved to read almost as much as I; however, I like mostly fiction and he prefers mostly nonfiction. What we prefer to read is not the problem where we both put all our books has created an overload in our bookcases. We both started out with a few books but as the years have progressed we found that our bookcases were overflowing. What to do? My husband's solution-buy three more, bigger bookcases. My solution-go through all the books and keep only the ones I really enjoy. As in any marriage we made a comprise. We bought six bookcases (3 for our home and 3 for my husband's office). We had 1 1/2 bookcases each for our books (of course, the bookcases at his office don't count). I went through my books and gave away books I knew I probably wouldn't reread but that others would enjoy. My husband can't bear to part with a book (I did not realize this). So, he kept all his books and just added more to his collection at his office. His office bookcases are now overflowing with books 2 and 3 deep. Ironically he came home the other day and said, "Honey, my office is a mess. Will you help me organize it?"
I said, "Of course, let's get some boxes and go through your books."
He answered, "We won't need boxes. I'm going to buy 2 more bookcases."
How many bookcases do you have?


  1. I have much the same problem. Only three of my sons are avid readers and the fourth one is coming along. Luckily the oldest took his favorites with him when he married, but we are quickly filling up the space he left behind. We have bookcases, boxes, closets of books. I cull them and organize them, but they just keep growing. Plan to change one of the bedrooms into a library some day.(:

  2. lol!!!!!!